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Willys spotting at Hershey

Everyone loves a Willys, especially me, especially when they're stock.
If you read Old Cars Weekly, you know there were three stock Willyses
on the show field. Since seeing one stock Willys is rare, and two is
rare, three is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of us. Since
the three Willyses present were a 1940, 1941 and a 1942, it was a rare
opportunity to see the mild differences between 1940 and '42, the
entire run with the round nose.

Enjoy these pics from Hershey! I'll post more cool scenes as I unearth my desk...

1940 Willys grille. Note the two sections of vertical bars.

Image placeholder title

1941 grille on an unrestored truck. Notice the one-piece grille with vertical bars.

Image placeholder title

1942 grille. Notice the addition from '41 of a vertical trim bar at the center.

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And, for good measure, a photo of the 1942 Willys coupe at the event:

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