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Wisconsin State Patrol Q&A to address Trans 305

According to Curt Rymkus of the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Council, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is reviewing Administrative Code ch. Trans. 305 for the Standards for Vehicle Equipment. (The "standards for vehicle equipment" define what the state of Wisconsin determines to be the minimum legal vehicular equipment.) Before changes are made, the Wisconsin State Patrol would like to get input from old car enthusiasts who own and operate original and non-original vehicles.

"There will be a seminar presentation with a question-and-answer portion held at Fox Run Lanes," Rymkus stated. Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. Mark Abrahamson will be the guest speaker at the seminar, which is scheduled to begin at 7 pm on Tuesday, July 19.

"Questions about current vehicle equipment standards for older vehicles and suggestions to improve the current standards for older vehicles are welcome at the seminar," Rymkus stated. "This seminar focuses on vehicle equipment standards not on titling and licensing of vehicles. Questions or issues with vehicle titling and licensing should be addressed to Wisconsin DMV.

"Special thanks to the Sgt. Abrahamson, Dan Calvano, Fox Run Lanes and Waukesha Olde Car Club."

Fox Run Lanes

2440 W. Sunset Dr.

Waukesha, WI

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