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Yesterday I Saw An Ad In A Hobby Magazine Trying To Sell An Authentic Copy Of A Rare Sports Car The Ad Sai

Yesterday I saw an ad in a hobby magazine trying to sell an "authentic" copy of a rare sports car. The ad said that it was an "exact" reproduction of the original. It also mentioned that the reproduction had a carbon fiber body. The original did not have a carbon fiber body. Does anyone out there see anything wrong with this description?

As new enthusiasts enter the hobby and as hot rods and Resto-Mods gain more acceptance, the meanings of terms like "exact," "original," "authentic" and "factory" are really getting more and more blurred.

I don't think that true collectors appreciate this.

An original car is one that looks like it did the day it was built, has all of its factory made parts, is finished with factory colors (using the same type of paint counts, too), has the engine it left the factory with and has the closest-to-original-equipment-available reproductions of items that can't last forever, such as tires, belts and hose clamps.

Sorry. But if a car is a "little" more original than it is modified, that just doesn't work! And the car that is painted in nitrous cellulose lacquer still gets more "originality" points than the car done in basecoat/clearcoat.

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