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Young Gun

With 600+ ponies those “extra” two doors will just be a blur.

With 600+ ponies those “extra” two doors will just be a blur.

Project LS

Late Model Throttle, LLC is an idea that youthful owner Jeff Smith had in his brain that just had to get out. We ran into LMT at the Milwaukee World of Wheels a few weeks ago. Then we visited their website ( and became totally impressed.

Smith says he has been working on cars for 13 years and decided it was time to take his passion and start a company that he could invest his time and effort into. LMT started in the Winter of 2008 and has done a lot of projects since then. Jeff brought a work-in-progress Corvette build to the World of Wheels, but we found ourselves more interested in a four-door Nova we spotted on his website.

We have been stepping uip our involvement with the Iola Old Car Show (—the Midwest’s largest old car show. This event is held in Iola, Wis., near the headquarters of Old Cars Weekly. It takes place during the second weekend in July. This year’s theme is “Four for all in ‘14” and will spotlight four-door vehicles. The LMT Nova seems like it will fit right in. It’s a youth-oriented budget performance build on a kid-friendly four-door car.

LMT started with a four-door Nova that was super clean. It came with a 327-cid V-8 and Powerglide automatic transmission. The car’s previous owner had swapped in a 283 Chevy small-block V-8 instead of the 327, but retained the Powerglide. The car was originally brought to LMT to be dyno-tuned. It was running lean and needed some carburetor re-jetting. LMT bumped the power up so it could be driven around while parts were ordered for additional upgrades.

The motor came from a salvage yard in Michigan.

The motor came from a salvage yard in Michigan.

A Speed Tech Performance Pro-Touring sub frame was ordered. A new LS6 motor was also obtained from a salvage yard in Michigan. The later V-8 will be brought to life with a vvt delete and Comp Cam, along with PRC dual Springs. A Magnason TVS 2300 intake will also be installed. The transmission will be a 6l90 mated to a stock PCM. It will be tuned via HP Tuners. LMT also went with a Vapor Works/Rick’s stainless steel fuel tank with a 2010 Camaro fuel Pump. With 60 psi, the pump should support up to 650 rear-wheel horsepower.

To put it mildly, “young gun” Jeff Smith is building a hell of a four-door ride at the shop in Waukesha, Wis. So, we sure hope it makes it to Iola in July. It is the kind of car that young enthusiasts can relate to these days. The initial outlay for a four-door sedan is usually affordable and the used engine and other savings will help keep the overall project “cost efficient.” It should be a very cool car.

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