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New 1956 Ford F600 and tractor trailer models

Automodello is now offering a 1956 Ford F600 and tractor trailer model.
Ford Truck Front

The most sought-after postwar Ford truck must be the 1956 model. It’s the last of its styling cycle, and with a new wrap-around windshield and simple-yet-handsome grille, the ’56 Ford truck has stood the test of time in all sizes. Restorers and rodders alike seek them, and these groups along with model collectors will be pleased with this new scale version b Automodello.

The model maker has recently created in 1:43 scale two variations of the 1956 Ford F-600: a cab and chassis, and a cab and chassis with a car-hauling trailer.

The cab and chassis model comes with a red-painted cab with minimal chrome details — just as how most F600s were built. It does have a plated gas cap and door handles on the cab and plated hood emblems, plus a chrome “V” on the grille. Otherwise, the window trim is black to simulate rubber and the outside rearview mirror is black, and the grille bar and front bumper are painted white. The fully replicated interior is black down to the bench seats, door handles, instrument panel and door panels. The chassis is black, of course, so the cab and its details really shine, but you’ll have to look close to appreciate the six realistic blackwall tires. The realistic clear headlamps are an especially nice touch.

Ford Truck Rear

Automodello built just 56 of these 1956 Ford F600 tractors in resin at a price of $129.95.

For those ’56 Ford fans looking to put their scale trucks to work, Automodello added a hauling trailer to its ’56 F600 tractor to create its Art Castor-branded 1950s Ford tractor and trailer set.

According to Automodello, Art Castor grew up under the hoods of the cars that pulled into the three service bays of his father’s local garage on the outskirts of Chicago along legendary Route 66. Castor’s Carb and Clutch got its start after Art Sr. came home from the war, and quickly made a name servicing local farm trucks and highway passersby. Even after the interstate came through, business was brisk thanks to Castor’s reputation for being able to revive virtually anything on wheels. Increasingly, that reputation was built on the mechanical magic touch little Art had inherited.

Legend has it that Art Sr. recognized his son’s genius and handed the business over to him full-time on his 21st birthday, along with the keys to the ’56 Ford hauler. Art Jr.’s first restoration project is said to have been that ’56 F600, which was built the year he was born. It became his calling card and best advertising for his business, which has gradually shifted from service and repair to acquisition, restoration, maintenance and transportation of classics.

Not surprisingly, the F600 tractor in Automodello’s Art Castor Jr. tractor and trailer set features the same cab detail of the F600 that it built and sells. However, the tractor in the tractor and trailer set is painted blue instead of red and features “Art Castor Transport” livery on the tractor’s doors and on the trailer.


The trailer itself is a piece of art. Its style matches or even predates that used in the mid-1950s, making it the perfect complement to the trailer. Its painted blue to match the F600 cab it follows.

The trailer design is of the style with heavy, rounded sides that don’t detract from the models loaded onto it. These sides are the perfect place for business logos and mottos, and they have been decorated as such. More importantly, there’s room for four models on the trailer — which must be supplied by the owner.

Since the trailer is marked for restorer Art Castor, Jr., an owner won’t need to find 1956-or-later Ford models to load onto the trailer — any 1:43 model from Automodello or another maker will be right at home behind the F600.

Automodello offers the F600 tractor and unloaded trailer resin model for $143.95 with quantities limited to 249.

To order the F600 tractor as a solo unit, ask for product 43F601. The F600 tractor and trailer set is product 43F600. Both can be purchased through or by calling 877-343-2276.

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