Old Cars We'd Buy That: 1949 Ford F1 pickup

A life of hard work shouldn't look this good. We'd love to have one of these old Ford pickups, especially one this nice!
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We'd Buy That

So we came up behind one of these beautiful old circa 1948-49 Ford pickups rolling down a country road recently. It was so much fun to just watch it puttering down the road that we just hung out behind them and watched for a while ... hope they didn't think we were stalking them. Finally we rolled by and passed and gave them a nice thumbs up! The driver had farmer's overalls on and a big grin on his face! Both he and that truck were living their best lives.

We want one of those fabulous Fords, and this one would definitely fill the bill! It's a gorgeous Meadow Green machine, coming off a fresh restoration back to original spec's, and it's going to be up for bids at the Fall Carlisle Auction Sept. 30-Oct. 1.

Frankly, this baby might be TOO nice! But trucks like this make the world a better place. Thumbs-up to whoever brought this one back to life, and thumbs-up to whoever takes 'er home.


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