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Old Cars We'd Buy That: 1950 Oldsmobile convertible

We'd love to be riding with the top down on this sweet 1950 Oldsmobile convertible with "Rocket Power."
We'd Buy That

How many 1950 Oldsmobile convertibles do you see rolling around these days?

We're guessing the answer is somewhere between "None" and "About as often as I see a T-Rex coming down the street."

Well, if you want one — and you should! — Russo and Steele has this sweet treat up for sale at its Monterey Sale on August 11-12. Red and white ... 303 Rocket 88 V-8 ... whitewalls .. fender skirts. These were a fantastic ride for their time, and were so hot they paced the Rocket 88 Olds at the Indy 500 in '49.

We absolutely LOVE this. One of those replica/clone companies should start making new 1950 Oldsmobile convertibles. We'd buy one. And we'd like to buy this one, too!


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