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Old Cars We'd Buy That: 1959 Edsel Ranger two-door with possible 1957 Mercury four-door hardtop combo

A deal so good you might as well take two! 1959 Edsel Ranger two-door hardtop and a 1957 Mercury four-door hardtop are going for $6,000 for the pair.
We'd Buy That

This week's selection is a combo deal that we just couldn't pass up (if we didn't have a wife, that is). A seller in Tennessee has a 1959 Edsel Ranger two-door hardtop and a 1957 Mercury four-door hardtop that he's willing to sell for a  combined $6,000. 

So other than the logistics of getting these two relics home, how much risk factor is there on this purchase? Not much. And the chance to brag that we have TWO barn finds at home — a '59 Edsel and '57 Merc, and they are both hardtops to boot — that just seems like a screaming deal, even if we aren't sure what we'd do with them.

*The photos only show the Edsel. It looks complete and the seller says it ran five years ago. 

This is one of those times we'd be willing to roll the dice. It would surely be a hoot to bring both of these cars home.


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