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Old Cars We'd Buy That: 1986 Frankenstein Chevy 4x4 van

This Frankenstein 4x4 Chevy van is looking for that special new owner.
We'd Buy That

O...M...G... What the name of Louis Joseph Chevrolet is going on here? We actually had to stand up from our chair and walk around our computer a few times to try to wrap our heads around this one.

The ad and description for this '86 Frankenstein Chevy van is so long and weird we didn't even make it all the way through it. The cliff notes version: the running gear has all been transplanted with modern crazy stuff and the owner claims he paid $2,000 to put the rack on top.


It looks like an observation platform for one of those polar bear-spotting tundra vehicles, or maybe for African elephant safaris. The owner says the platform is for surf boards. But the vehicle is in Oregon, so who knows.

Would we pay the $16,500 asking price (down from $21,500 according to the seller)? Not a chance. We're gonna need the extra cash just to pay the Home Owners Association fines we're going to rack up when we park it in the driveway.

But this van is too crazy not to be loved by someone. Maybe.



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