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We'd buy that - 1936 Nash 400 coupe

This six-cylinder 1936 Nash 400 coupe found on Facebook Marketplace drips “deco styling.”
We'd Buy That
1936 Nash pass side

Need a garage mate for the cool 1936 Hupmobile two-door sedan we featured earlier? This six-cylinder 1936 Nash 400 coupe found on Facebook Marketplace drips “deco styling” and would be the perfect complement to the Hupp. Many of the things that Hupp had going for it are also found in this Nash.

Aaerodynamic styling (though not as advanced as that of the Hupp) and streamlined influences abound. Just look at those teardrop-shaped hood vents, that tall grille with thin vertical bars, the stylized hood ornament and gauge faces decorated after an Art Deco skyscraper in Chicago.

This Nash wasn’t built far from the Windy City, and then never moved far from its nest. Built in Kenosha, Wis., the Nash was apparently transported less than 100 miles to Watertown, Wis., where it was sold new by the A. Kramp dealership on Watertown’s Main Street. This is according to the seller, who now has the Nash for sale in Cedarburg, about 45 miles east of Watertown. So, the Nash has basically lived its entire life in a triangle across the southeast corner of its homestate.

1936 Nash 400 front

A benefactor of longtime, single-family ownership, this Nash is being offered publicly for the first time in 80 years, states the seller. He adds that it’s “very original” and has not been wrecked, rusted or disassembled. In addition, he says there’s no Bondo body filler, the gauges work and the floor is solid. He says the six-cylinder coupe is a drivable car.

Nash also has a great network of active enthusiasts, so this Nash’s next owner won’t be orphaned without anywhere to turn. The Nash Car Club of America has a website at and is 1000 members strong.

1936 Nash instrument

While the Hupp two-door sedan with an under-roof back seat would be great for family trips, this coupe with a rumble seat would be perfect for date night (or at least blocking out kids’ voices). Let us know if you make it yours.

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