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We'd Buy That: 1948 Crosley wagon

A pint-sized wagon could be your ticket to neighborhood glory. A 1948 Crosley wagon is looking for a new home on Old Cars Marketplace.
We'd Buy That

We want to be the only ones in our neighborhood with a 73-year-old blue mini station wagon.

This Crosley wagon, for the low-low price of just $4,950, will fill the bill nicely!

We spotted this one in our own Old Cars Marketplace. She lives in Hallock, Minn.

"Older restoration. All mech items rebuilt, engine, transmission & rear-end. Have large quantity of spare parts including 2 engines, 2 transmissions plus generators, carbs, new gaskets and many more."

It would take some work to make it look its best, but we'd love to have a shot at!

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