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We'd Buy That: 1950 Chevy long-bed pickup

Trucks are the hot ticket these days. Not many would turn away from this 1950 Chevy hauler.
We'd Buy That

With the way collector truck prices are soaring, it's hard to imagine any nice old truck isn't a good investment these days. That's definitely our take on this 1950 Chevy long-bed hauler. It's for sale at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, Ill., and while the asking price of $18,300 is not exactly couch cushion money, this truck looks like it has a lot of potential — either as a fun "drive as-is" summer truck, or as a candidate for some restoration work.

The Chevy was restored a while back, according to the listing on our Old Cars Marketplace. The color scheme is an interesting choice. We'd probably go with a different look, but this thing would look good in almost any color. The chrome is cool. The old Fulton visor is very cool! We'd love to have one of these old six-cylinder mules in our garage.



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