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We'd Buy That: 1972 Plymouth Scamp

1972 Plymouth Scamp might be your ticket to V-8 fun.

OK, full disclosure here. We had a buddy who had a Plymouth Scamp back in college. It was a hideous-looking car. Some sort of ugly brown, and it was a rattle trap. We had to crawl through one of the windows because one of the doors didn't work. But that old Plymouth was actually pretty fast (or faster than it looked), and we had A TON OF FUN bombing around in that beast.

For that reason alone, we want this car! And honestly, when was the last time you saw a nice-looking Plymouth Scamp? Ever? We can't remember the last time we saw one at a car show. Their Dart Swinger cousins are pretty scarce, and these things a pretty much dodo birds.


Seriously, this is a pretty car, and somebody has really done a nice job with it. It's got the 318 V-8 under the hood, a nice-looking interior, and very nice paint in a lovely color with a sweet white vinyl top and matching pinstriping.

This one is up for sale in the upcoming Lucky Spring Classic in Tacoma, Wash. It's going to sell at no-reserve, so we'll be interested to see what kind of bids it gets.

Regardless, it's a Scamp baby! And we'll take it!



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