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Your radiator can be custom-built for your car 
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Mark 7 Radiators will build you a custom radiator, specifically for your car, for less than some “off the shelf” radiators. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse! Your new Mark 7 aluminum radiator will fit exactly into your core support, unlike some so called “direct fit” models that require modifications to install. Regardless of year, make or model of car or truck, they can build you a radiator that looks like jewelry.

Mark 7 Radiators use 1.25-inch cores providing much quicker heat transfer to the coolant. It is well known that aluminum is a more efficient heat conductor than copper/brass, so Mark 7 radiators can cool up to 750 horsepower in 100-degree weather with the A/C running.

Your radiator can be ordered in natural aluminum, polished, or black anodized for a factory look. They also have 15 more anodizing colors you can select for a totally custom look. The average price for a natural finish custom radiator is approximately $650, with anodizing slightly more. Another benefit of installing an aluminum radiator is it is approximately 40% lighter than a standard unit, saving considerable weight.

Visit to see all their products and services and to download a radiator specification sheet for your custom built radiator. For additional information, and an over the phone quote, contact Mark 7 Radiators, 102 S. Tuscola Road, Bay City, MI 48708, 877-777-7505, Fax: 989-922-0700. 

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