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New Products: coated pistons for vintage cars

Kanter Auto Products is now supplying its popular pistons with a high-performance, antifriction coating.
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If you’re looking for some “insurance” against piston problems, Kanter Auto Products is now supplying its popular pistons with a high-performance, antifriction coating. Kanter’s Rebuilder’s Choice! brand, coated pistons feature a state-of-the-art coating to extend the life of the engine and eliminate piston scuffing problems.

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Benefits for classic car hobbyists and high performance enthusiasts include improved piston life, better cylinder sealing, and the elimination of cold start scuffing. The coating is applied in a highly advanced, computer numerical control (CNC) process that leaves no overspray or coating in the piston ring grooves.

Originally implemented in racing, antifriction coating allows the engine builder to take advantage of extremely tight clearances to reduce blow-by and cold-engine piston noise. Cars with a history of overheating, detonation, or scuffing should see an immediate benefit from the coated pistons.

The coated pistons can be installed without modifying wall clearance, and Kanter Auto Products offers the coating standard on many popular pistons at no extra charge.

Kanter Auto Products has been a leading supplier of obsolete automotive parts for over 49 years. They stock most mechanical parts for 1913-1980 domestic vehicles in its 175,000 square foot Boonton, NJ warehouse. Its product line includes brake, steering, suspension, engine, transmission, electrical, and fuel system parts, in addition to cosmetic items such as upholstery, wheels, hubcaps, lights, weather stripping, and more. For more information go to:; or call 1-800-526-1096.

Coated pistons are currently available in standard, .020, .030, .040, and .060 sizes for the following models:

• 1939-53 Ford flathead 239 V8 (4-ring piston) – also available in .080, .100, and .125 oversize
• 1949-53 Plymouth flathead 255 V8 (4-ring piston) – also available in .080, .100, and .125 oversize
• 1959-65 Chrysler 413 V8 (flathead piston)
• 1962-65 Dodge 413 V8 (flathead piston)
• 1962 Plymouth 413 V8 (flathead piston)
• 1959-66 Pontiac 389 V8 (flathead piston)
• 1961-63 Pontiac 195 4 cyl w/4 bbl carb
• 1959-66 Pontiac 389 V8 (low compression piston w/.200 recessed head)
• 1961-63 Pontiac 195 4 cyl w/1 bbl carb
• 1963-66 Pontiac 421 V8
• 1964-67 Dodge/Plymouth 273 V8 w/2 bbl carb
• 1964-67 Dodge/Plymouth 273 V8 w/4 bbl carb (high compression domed head)
• 1967-69 Pontiac 428 V8

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