Just Ducky makes 'The Perfect Bungee'

New bungee cord helps boaters, RVers, auto travelers and ATVers avoid disaster
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ORWIGSBURG, Pa. -- For boaters, ATVers, RVers and auto enthusiasts who may risk injury securing their outdoor equipment, Just Ducky has a solution. Their line of The Perfect Bungee cords and straps is aimed at decreasing the risk of injury or lost transports with a super-strong polyurethane construction. The non-load-bearing cords have nylon ends that won’t stretch or gouge, while the galvanized straps are for load bearing applications. The Perfect Bungee safely extends up to twice its original strength, comes back to its original form and is guaranteed for life. As a result, it’s a must-have for a wide range of light and heavy duty applications.

As KARE 11 out of Minneapolis recently reported, “A slipping or broken bungee cord or clasp can propel the metal hook at the end of the bungee cord at speeds up to 60 miles per hour. At that point, the hook becomes a missile, the cord becomes its launch pad, and beware the flesh that gets in the way.”

Scenes like that, which unfortunately repeat themselves among RVers, auto travelers and ATVers, have prompted ophthalmologists to implore “manufacturers [to] find an alternative to the elastic bands.” One such eye specialist who was interviewed for the KARE 11 report lamented, “There’s got to be better ways and we’d be glad to work with them (the manufacturers) to find ways to tie down loads so that you don’t have to subject people to this [serious risk of injury].”

Just Ducky Products has come up with that better way. Made from high-quality polyurethane, the company’s The Perfect Bungee cords come in a variety of lengths and colors to suit every outdoor need, are super-strong and are resistant to saltwater, oil, ozone and a laundry list of other common household chemicals, making them an indispensable item on boats and ATVs, in RVs and automobiles, and around industrial organizations.

But vehicle enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who will benefit from The Perfect Bungee. The product is useful for everyone in almost every application. Backed by a lifetime warranty, The Perfect Bungee is guaranteed to always maintain its polyurethane stretch and to stand up to even the harshest tests and conditions.

Outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy their boats, RVs, ATVs and automobiles without risk of injury can learn more about The Perfect Bungee line of bungee straps and cords online at www.justduckyproducts.com.

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