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No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road without fuel, especially a roadster owner. Now, Gunner’s Great Garage has taken the guess work out of measuring fuel in a MG-TD or TF roadster missing its original fuel stick.

The MG TD and MG TF roadsters built between 1950-’54 did not have a conventional fuel gauge. Instead, they used an “idiot light” that illuminated when just a few gallons of fuel remained. Over the years, many of the idiot lights stopped functioning. For a reliable idea of how much gas is in the tank, owners used a wood “dip stick” to measure remaining fuel. Often, the wood sticks wound up behind the seat where they smelled of gas and created a fire danger.

Gunner’s Great Garage has come up with an aluminum fuel level check stick that stays in the gas tank. It is designed to sit in the collar under the gas cap of MG-TD and MG-TF models. The collar keeps it from rattling and holds it in place, making the smelly wooden gas stick a thing of the past.

The aluminum rod is bent to the contour of the MG-TD/MG-TF fuel tanks. It is marked to measure up to 14 gallons. The Aluminum Gas Stick is available for $72.95 including shipping.

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Iola, WI 54945

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