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Trans-Dapt's line of SLAM-GUARD pans help protect against road hazards.
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Speed Bumps and dips are the arch enemy of lowered vehicles. Hit one too fast or at the wrong angle, and your undercarriage can be severely damaged. Although much of the damage may be cosmetic, if your oil or transmission pan is deformed or ruptured by the blow, the resulting lubricant starvation can be catastrophic to your engine or transmission.

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Trans-Dapt Performance Products, in Whittier, California has produced a wide range of oil and tranny pans for the muscle car and hot rod markets for the better part of its 50 year history. And, although most of these pans are chrome or aluminum models that look better, and are a step or two above the factory pans, Trans-Dapt's line of SLAM-GUARD pans go beyond simple good looks by protecting your engine and transmission lubrication systems from the type of damage that can be caused by road hazards.

Slam-Guard pans start with the same quality oil or transmission pan cores used for Trans-Dapt's standard customizing pans. Then, the factory welds on a thick 3/16" steel skid plate to the exposed underbelly of the pan. This armored skid plate curves up on the leading edge (like a ski tip), allowing it to glide over the obstacle. Short of a large caliber bullet, these pans can withstand a direct blow to their underside without being punctured or deformed. Once affixed with its ball-milled armor plate, the pans are either Chrome plated or Silver powder coated to give them a long lasting, classic customized look.

Trans-Dapt's Slam-Guard Oil Pans are currently available for Chevy, Ford and Jeep/AMC engines, and Slam-Guard Transmission pans are available for GM Turbo 350, 400 and 700R4/4L60E transmissions.

Although they were originally invented to protect lowered muscle car, hot rod and low-rider street use vehicles, Slam-Guard pans have also found a comfortable home on off-road trucks. Owners of these trail use trucks have found that they protect equally as well against gullies and rocks as they do against speed bumps and dips.

For more information visit, email the Trans-Dapt sales staff at, or call (562) 921-0404.

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