NEW PRODUCT: The Rattle Tracker

Track down those mysterious car rattles and squeaks with the Rattle Tracker.
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It’s a common problem for automotive repair professionals: there’s a mysterious rattle or squeak coming from someplace, but you don’t know exactly where. The inventor of The Rattle Tracker had the same frustrations and felt that driving the car around the noisy streets was a very inefficient way of handling the situation; thus, after years of development and testing, The Rattle Tracker evolved.

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The Rattle Tracker is designed to specifically assist in locating rattles and squeaks in the body and interior of an automobile. Its main function is to simulate a wide variety of road and driving conditions and can also be used to find loose suspension parts and exhaust rattles.

It uses a patented roller assembly to transmit periodic impulses to the tire of the vehicle under test. The frequency of the impulse can be changed by remote control, which changes the roller speed. Vehicle motion simulates various driving conditions that allows rattles and squeaks to be heard without actually driving the vehicle.

The Rattle Tracker weighs 80 pounds and uses 110 VAC, 15A grounded circuit. Estimated duty cycle is 15 minutes per diagnosis. Made in the USA.

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