RediRad AM, FM band radio adapters available

Gap closes between vehicle radios and portable music formats
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Your car is only original once. That is important to remember when you’re thinking about either “converting” your collectible vehicle’s radio or cutting up its dash just to listen to music using modern portable formats. Conversions are costly and many aftermarket radios are of poor quality. Both options destroy originality. Fortunately, options opened up with the invention of the RediRad AM band radio adapter; a less expensive, noninvasive and completely universal method of enjoying music through your original radio and speakers. RediRad has been a great alternative and now it just got even better.

The all-new RediRad-FM is fully compatible with either mechanically tuned (analog) or quartz/PLL tuned (digital) radios. As the name implies, RediRad-FM operates on the FM band and provides rich, stereophonic playback. Because the signal is conducted directly into the radio and not wirelessly transmitted, the RediRad-FM seamlessly routes music from your portable media player into your car's existing radio tuner without broadcast radio station interference. The RediRad-FM installs easily; there is no confusing wiring and no need to cut or drill holes.

Unlike other direct-connected modulators, RediRad-FM automatically toggles between broadcast and portable music player modes, eliminating a separate on/off switch. Its compact package hides easily behind the dashboard and out of sight to help you preserve the factory appearance of your car, truck, motorcycle or boat. It also saves hundreds of dollars over replacing an aftermarket stereo system that lacks the increasingly-popular AUXiliary input jack. RediRad-FM combines the latest in electronic design technology with high-quality interconnect cables to provide unbeatable performance, reliability and durability at a popular price. The RediRad-FM is made in USA and is backed by excellent customer service and support.

The new RediRad-FM is $99; RediRad-AM for 12 volt systems, $129; RediRad-AM for 6 volt systems, $149. Visit or call Brew City Engineering at 877-223-0203.

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