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1941 Buick Special stolen from dying man

Surveillance video

image from surveillance video

A Kansas City man had his fully-restored , blue-on-blue 1941 Buick Special stolen from his driveway as he lay in a hospital dying.

According to KMBC news, Billy Jester, an 85 year old veteran, died just days after his beloved Buick was stolen from his home.

Jester’s sister, Maezel Brown had traveled to Kansas City from Florida to be with her ailing brother.

Just weeks after Jester participated in an Honor Flight he was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.

As his health began to fail, the crimes perpetrated against him began to grow.

“He not only was robbed of a lot of tools and everything out of the car port, he also lost a 2004 Cadillac. They stole that, they stole a trailer and now they stole that car,” Brown said.

Police have a surveillance video of the theft. On December 26th, two men approached the carport with a truck and towed the 1941 Buick Special away. Investigators are hopeful that someone will be able to identify the assailants or the truck.

“They’re just nothing more than grave robbers if you ask me,” Brown said.

Brown has stated that she is staying at Jester’s east Kansas City in fears that whoever robbed her brother may be back to attempt further burglaries.

“It’s my brother’s memory and that’s the least I can do for him,” she said.

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