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1942 Blackout Car?

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Q. I believe I have a blackout Packard Clipper. It is titled as a ’42, and the clock is stamped with “Jan. 1942.” It has a chrome grille and bumpers, but most of the trim is painted. I’m trying to get info on how late in the ’42 model year it was built. The engine has been changed, so the engine number won’t be of help.
— Mike Riefer, Owensville, Mo.

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A. The serial number from the body that you sent will help, but not much. It begins with the body type, followed by the individual body number. Thus 1582-6893 pertains to a 1942 Series 2000 Clipper Special Six Touring Sedan, the 4,893rd of that type (numbering started at 2001). Unfortunately, we don’t know how many type 1582 bodies were made. Since all six-cylinder Packards for 1942 used the same engine, and 11,325 cars were built, we could estimate its date if you knew the original engine number. Suffice to say, though, that the January 1942 on the clock dates the car to that month or early February. Ford and Pontiac were the last to shut down their assembly lines, on Feb. 10, but I don’t know when Packard ceased production. Actually, I think the paint on the trim is sufficient to qualify your car as a blackout model.

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