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1955 Cadillac Die Valkyrie offered at Worldwide Auction Auburn

Concept car designed by Brooks Stevens body by Spohn of Germany.

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AUBURN, Ind.( - Bortz Auto Collection is offering the 1955 Cadillac die Valkyrie concept car at Worldwide Auctioneers, Auburn, Indiana on Saturday, September 2, 2017.

The 1955 Cadillac concept car by Brooks Stevens is a one off car (one of two known to exist). The Cadillac die Valkyrie was a big hit when it toured the European show circuit in 1955 for one year. It also toured the United States starting in 1955 when it received the "Excellence of Design and Engineering" award at the Madison Square Garden Auto Show.

The Valkyrie (body by Spohn of Germany) is also considered one of the most famous executions by Spohn Bodyworks. The Cadillac die Valkyrie, a Brooks Stevens design also wears his signature black-and-white color combination

The 1955 Cadillac die Valkyrie has the following features:

1. It is believed to be the only concept car to have a U.S. Patent for the design. The dramatic front grille is said to have been Brook Steven's way of putting it in the face of the Europeans — the American's great pride the U.S. Auto manufacturers felt about their V8 engine.

2. The Cadillac die Valkyrie is fully road worthy and has a clear Illinois title. 

3. Car built on brand new 1954 Cadillac full-size chassis supplied by General Motors.

4. The longest hood on any prototype car — almost 8 feet long.

5. Almost 22 feet long.

6. Exotic front bumper especially designed by Brook Stevens to emphasize the American V-8 power and determination.

7. Doors designed extra wide add easy entrance and regress to rear seat.

8. Removable hardtop.

9. Power windows with double vents.

10. Plush seats and interior.

11. Plexiglas finned front fender ornaments that act as turn signal indicators and actually light up when turn signal is being used.

12. Plexiglas headlight cross pieces to add extra concentration to headlight focus and also to blank out concentrated light for oncoming drivers. Reduces glare by 50 percent.

The car has not been restored but was repainted once and has the original interior. It is a wonderful collector car for any serious American car collection or European collection but especially a German car collection. 

The Cadillac die Valkyrie has been featured at Amelia Island, Milwaukee Art Museum and other significant car shows and events.

The Cadillac die Valkyrie has excellent provenance as it was documented in press pictures during its showing at the Paris Auto Show and award from Madison Square Gardens. It was purchased by Brooks Stevens after the shows and driven by his wife for a few years and then remained in his private museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until it was purchased by the current owner circa 1997.

Source: Bortz Auto Collection

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