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2007 Golden Quill Award Winners Anounced

Congratulations, Golden Quill Awardees! Your months of hard labor and keen work have paid off. Congratulations also to those who received Honorable Mention! It’s very possible you are close to being an award winner in the next competition.

Scroll down for 2007 Golden Quill winners list.

Congratulations, Golden Quill Awardees! Your months of hard labor and keen work have paid off. Congratulations also to those who received Honorable Mention! It’s very possible you are close to being an award winner in the next competition.

If you wonder what it takes to receive the award, I’ll give you the real scoop as chief judge.
Your club’s publication should meet the needs of members. That’s the main calling of an editor.

For success in your publication:
• Get to know your members.
• Glean their ideas.
• Keep a wide perspective on your subjects.
• Liberally include variety that interests the main body of members.
• Sparingly include highly specialized topics of restricted interest. Those articles can serve a good purpose “for the whole” of your membership by enlarging knowledge. Example: If your club likes big, classy prewar cars, perhaps a special article about the medium-priced companion cars could be in order. But don’t go overboard.

Too many recipes, cartoon, or jokes could sour your reader. Remember that the main subject is old cars.

Aim for a publication that is consistently high quality in design and content. I’ll bet your club editor was selected for several reasons: the person writes interesting articles, was willing and available to take the job, and adores the subject of old cars and the people who collect them. Those are necessary elements. But once the work gets rolling, the end product should make the club proud. Stories should hold interest and be able to attract new members. The appearance of the publication reflects your club’s ideals and image. Make the design attractive and readable, not jumbled, blurred, or distorted.

With the onset of desktop publishing, anyone who can strike a keyboard and scoot a mouse may be temped to think their results are outstanding. Children have to stand before they can walk, then walk before they can run. At a given time, that child thinks he or she is doing the best job ever. But improvement comes with time and practice. This involves patience, trial and error, creativity and sensitivity. Every editor should be open to the constructive advice of others, every step of the way.

One of the biggest goofs editors make is distorting pictures. Don’t do it. Use good cropping to size it, but don’t squeeze or stretch the image to the point that a 1949 Cadillac Sedanet looks like a Henry J or a Model T Ford appears to be a seven-passenger limousine. Readers want realism, not distortion.

There are some publications missing from these lists of awardees and honorees because they did not offer a steady balance in content (news, features, technical, etc.) that served members, or they did not offer as much of a balance as those on these lists.

There are some publications that have too much reprinted material as a steady diet. OK, sometimes it is acceptable to duplicate a story, however, avoid breaking copyright laws that could bring anguish to your club! What can make reprinted items more acceptable is if new, adjoining articles elaborate on the subject. This gives readers fresh and creative material that advances the hobby.

Enhance the publication by including innovations. That could include the introduction of color, more pages, better paper, nicer pictures, guest columns and new layout or size. Avoid jumbling the pages by incorporating too many visuals. Don’t use too many type styles, either — keep the type simple, perhaps two or three styles at most.

Publications are goodwill ambassadors for clubs. Nicely done, a publication will build your club’s reputation and reflect favorably on all involved.

There are two caveats to watch.

First, be sure your club is sending its publication in printed form for award consideration. It’s not fair for a few to send it electronically while the majority of clubs still mail paper copies. For proper comparison, electronic copies would need to be printed. Should clubs risk the quality of a judge’s printer? No, it’s better to send printed copies. It’s also polite. No need to incur extra work and expense for the judge.

Send a copy of each issue as they are produced. This allows for consideration in the weekly “Club Clips” column at any time during the year. It also helps the judging process when the decision makers have followed the publication throughout the year. That’s not to say a club can’t bunch a year’s worth and send them at the last moment as judging time nears, but it has proven to be wiser to submit all year long.

I can’t really understand why ALL old car clubs aren’t submitting their publication for consideration. The majority of clubs are in the running, but some holdouts have yet to be considered. If your club is among those not competing, you might pass along the invitation and encouraging word to jump into the process very soon!

When your club sends its publication, send two copies — one to each of these locations:
Editor, Old Cars Weekly
700 E. State Street
Iola, WI 54990

Gerald Perschbacher
8868 Rock Forest Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63123-1116

We hope the Golden Quill Award will encourage more clubs to maintain and enhance their publication efforts.

2007 Golden Quill Award Winners


Air Cooled News, Pierre F. & Susan R. Lavedan, co-editors, The H.H. Franklin Club, Inc. Antique Automobile, West Peterson, editor, Antique Automobile Club of America
Antique Automobile, West Peterson, editor, The Antique Automobile Club of America.
The Auburn Cord Duesenburg Club Newsletter, Josh B. Malks, editor, The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club
Avanti Magazine, Lewis Schucart, editor, Avanti Owners Association
The Bric Line, John T. Blair, editor, Bricklin International Owners Club Inc.
The Buick Bugle, Pete Phillips editor, Buick Club of America
The Bulb Horn, Anne Morris, editor, The Veteran Motor Car Club of America
Citroenthusiast, George Dyke & John McCulloch, editors, Citroen Club of North America & Citroen Club of North America
The Classic Car, Beverly Rae Kimes, editor, Classic Car Club of America
Double Clutch, Greg Matecko, editor, Antique Truck Club of America
Enjine! Enjine!, Steve Hagy, editor, Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America
Generator & Distributor, G&D editors, Vintage Chevrolet Club of America
Healey Marque, Reid Trummel, editor, Austin-Healey Club of America
Horseless Carriage Gazaette, John C Meyer III, editor, Horseless Carriage Club of America
The Ignitor, Mike Healey, editor, The Spark Plug Collectors of America
Jaguar Journal, Michael L Cook, editor, Jaguar Clubs of North America
The Legend, Tom Szymczyk, editor, GTO Association of America
Lincoln and Continental Comments, Tim Howley, editor, Lincoln & Continental Owners Club
Model “A” News, Helen Ehrenhofer, editor, Model ”A” Restorers Club, 13012 Route 176, Wookstock, IL 60098.
Model T Times, Howard Gustavson, editor, The Model T Ford Club International, Inc.
On Solid Ground, Ken Amrick, editor, Solid Axle Corvette Club
The Packard Cormorant, Stuart Blond, editor, Packard Automobile Classics
Packards International Magazine, Don Hull, editor, Packards International Motor Car Club
The Plymouth Bulletin, Lanny Knutson, editor, Plymouth Owners Club, 288 Strathmillan Road, Winnipeg, MB R3J 2V5 Canada.
Quicksilver, Todd Haefer, editor, International Mercury Owners Association
Smoke Signals, Donald J Keefe, editor–in-chief, Pontiac - Oakland Club International
The Star, Frank Barrett, editor, Mercedes - Benz Club of America
Stutz News, William J Greer, editor, The Stutz Club, Inc.
356 Registry, Gordon Maltby, editor, Porsche 356 Registry
Timber Tales, Bob Porter, editor, Chrysler Town & Country Owners Registry
The Triumph Tr6 & Tr250, Todd Bermudez, editor, 6-Pack, the TR6/TR250 Car Club, 6518 Ambar Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230.
Turning Wheels, Art Unger & Ann Turner, editors, The Studebaker Drivers Club
V8 Times, Jerry Windle, editor, Early Ford V-8 Enthusiasts
The Vintage Ford, Jay Klehfoth, editor, Model T Ford Club of America
The Vintage Triumph, Mike Cook, editor, The Vintage Triumph Register
Wheels Of Time, Stormy Wylie, editor, American Truck Historical Society
The White Triangle News, Sam Jackson, editor, Hudson - Essex - Terraplane Club, Inc.
Woodie Times, John Lee, editor, National Woodie Club Inc.
WPC News, Richard Bowman, editor, The WPC Club, Inc.


Action Era Vehicle, Charles R. Smith, editor, The Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association
American Motoring, Cheryl Samuel & Mike Spangler, editors, American Motors Owners Association
The Arrow, Bernard J Weis, editor emeritus, Roger J. Sherman, editor, Pierce-Arrow Society
The Cormorant News Bulletin, Craig Handley, editor, Packard Automobile Classics
The Checkerboard News, George Cuhaj, editor, Checker Car Club Of America.
Corsa Communique, Mike McGowan, editor, Corvair Society of America (CORSA)
The Durant Partner, Carol Fogarazzo, editor, Durant Motors Automobile Club
The Early Bird, Lin Somsak, editor, Classic Thunderbird Club International
Front Wheel Drive, Mike Vogt, editor, Toronado Owners Association
Hupp Herald, Jerry Robinson, editor, Hupmobile Club, Inc.
Journey With Olds, Brad Bishop, editor, The Oldsmobile Club Of America
The Knight - Overland Starter, E. Louise Pruitt, editor, Willys - Overland - Knight Registry
Porsche Panorama, Betty Jo Turner, editor, Porsche Club Of America, Inc.
Pur Sang, Tom Clifford, editor, American Bugatti Club
The Riview, Ray Knott, Director/editor, Riviera Owners Association
Runabouts To Rockets, Clay Mollman, editor, National Antique Oldsmobile Club
The Self - Starter, Steve Stewart, editor, The Cadillac - Lasalle Club, Inc.
The Sidecarist, Dave Boneham, editor, United Sidecar Association
The Skyliner, Edward Albracht, Jr., editor, International Ford Retractable Club
Supercharger, Harold Loutzenheiser, editor, Graham Owners Club
300 Starletter, Jim Luikens, editor, Gull Wing Group International
Viva Carrera!, Bill Culver, editor, The Road Race Lincoln Register, Inc.
The Way Of The Zephyr, David L Cole, editor, Lincoln - Zephyr Owners Club

National Compact

Airflow Newsletter, Jerry Allstott, editor, The Airflow Club Of America, Inc.
The American Austin Bantam Club News, Bob & Cathy Cunningham, editors, The American Austin Bantam Club
Bulletin, Beverly Rae Kimes, editor, Classic Car Club Of America
Chrysler 300 Club News, Andy Mikonis, editor, Chrysler 300 Club International Inc.
Driveshaft, Doug Buhrer, editor Lambda Car Club International
Durant Partner, Jacki Schroeder, editor, Durant Motors Automobile Club
E-ford Lines, Judy Berrian, editor, European Ford Owners North America
Falcon News, Wendelyn Crosby, editor, The National Falcon Club
Fomoco Times, Paul Placek, editor, Crown Victoria Association
Jeepster News, James J. Sommer, editor, Willys Overland Jeepster Club, Inc.
Kaiser Frazer Owners Club Interational Monthly News Bulletin, Barbara Mueller, editor
The Lincoln Owners Club News Letter, David W. Schultz, editor, Lincoln Owners Club
The Marmon News, Ron Barnett, editor, The Marmon Club
Minutia, Richard Campbell, editor, The Microcar & Minicar Club, Inc.
Morris Gazette, Joe Mercer, editor, Central Ohio MG Owners
The National Falcon News, Wendelyn Crosby, editor, Falcon Club Of America
News-flite, Andy Mikonis, Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc.
The Professional Car, Walter Mccall, Publications Chairman, The Professional Car Society
Pur Sang, Tom Clifford, editor, American Bugatti Club
The Rotunda Times, Steve Rohde, editor, Ford & Mercury Restorer’s Club Of
300 Starletter, Cyndi Vander Horn, editor, Gull Wing Group International
The Talegate, Chuck Snyder, editor, International Station Wagon Club
Thunderbird Scoop, Terri McNeill, editor, Vintage Thunderbird Club International
Thunderbird Script, Kathy Holton, editor, International Thunderbird Club
Tucker Topics, Pat Fortin & Bill Pommering, editors, Tucker Automobile Club Of America, Inc.


Regional Luxury

 “A” Quail Call, Carol Pennington, editor, Penn-ohio “A” Ford Club, Inc.
The Arrow Driver, Greg Loftness, editor, Midwest Region Pierce-arrow Society
The Bird’s Nest, Don Seymour, editor, New England’s Vintage Thunderbirds
Blue Smoke, Karl Henry, editor, Lincoln Zephyr V-12 Central Chapter Owners Club,
The California Collector, Louis C. Farah, editor, Southern California Chapter Of The Professional Car Society
Cormorant Flier, Karl Henry, editor, Wisconsin Packard Club
Fiero Focus, Wayne & Marsha Dzien, editors, Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts
The Hood Release, Frankie Douglas, editor, Oregon Region – Classic Car Club Of America
Linechaser, Sandy Felde, editor, Minnesota Street Rod Association
Members’ Parade, Brooke Davis, editor, Hornets Nest Region – Antique Automobile Club Of America
Northern Lights, Donna & Bill Dirnberger, editors, Minnesota Region Antique Automobile Club Of America
Northern Lights, Bob Porter, editor, Ohio Region Classic Car Club Of America
Snic Braaapp, Bob Streepy, editor, Illinois Sports Owners Association – Triumph
The Superior Times, Brady D. Smith, editor, Mid-Michigan Chapter Of The Professional Car Society
Torque, Tom Goad, editor, Michigan Region Classic Car Club Of America

Regional Compacts

Am Spirit, Steve Johnston, editor, Northern Ramblers Car Club, Inc.
Arc & Spark, David Lyon, editor, Kalamazoo Antique Auto Restores Club
Arizona Bird Chatter, Barbara Blair, editor, Arizona Classic Thunderbird Club CTCI Chapter 35
The Beam, Lars & Joan Anderson, editors, Wisconsin Region Aaca, Ltd.
Cadillac Past, Chris Milici, editor, New England Region Cadillac & Lasalle Club
Driven Living The Legend, Anna Lewellen, editor, Shelby American Automobile Club Of Northern California
Excitement, Chuck Catalano, editor, South Jersey Pontiac Chapter, Poci
The Falcon Key, Kevin Gabel & Lauren Cummings, editors, The Keystone Chapter Of The Falcon Club Of America
Ford Script News, George Ball, editor, The Early Ford V-8 Club
From The Corral, Bill Krieger, editor, Northern Mustang Corral
The Gearbox Chatter, Rosebud Badour-jacob, editor, Grand Rapids Regional Group Of The Horseless Carriage Club Of America
Great Lakes Archer, Bill Morris, editor, Pierce-arrow Society Great Lakes Region
Packardgram, Duane Gunn, editor, Arizona Region Packards International
The Packard Helm, Tom Roberson, editor, Mississippi Valley Packard Club
Packard Profiles, Rick Kamen, editor, Peachstate Packards Region Of Packard Automobile Classics
Prix Views, Dee Schaudek, editor, Grand Prix Chapter – Pontiac Oakland Club International
The Pious Pelican, Bud Juneau, editor, Northern California Packards
Road Chatter, Ken & Carolyn Bounds, editors, Early Ford V-8 Club – Northern Illinois Regional Group #8
Royal Goat Tales, Tom Somerville, editor, Royal Gto’s – The GTO Association Of America
Schoharie Valley Rambler, Debbie Soucia, editor, Schoharie Valley Region Of The Antique Automobile Club Of America
Shorthorns, Dennis Martin, editor, Maverick Comet Club International, Inc.
Sidelights, Sylvia D. Lauridsen, editor, Illinois Region, The Antique Automobile Club Of America
Snic Braaapp, Bob Streepy, editor, Triumph Illinois Sports Owners Association
The Solenoid, Rus Calisch, editor, Great Autos Of Yesteryear Car Club, Inc.
 The Spokesman, Mike Spangler & Cheryl Samuel, editors, The Jefferson Collectibles
Spark Plug, Shannon Olson, editor, Spirit Of St. Louis Region Of The CCCA
Tiger News, Ken Smith, editor, The Cruisin’ Tigers GTO Club
Tiger Times, Dick & Sandy Kos, Managing editors, Land Of Lakes GTO Club
Tin Block Times, Rick Alexander, editor, Crosley, Dave Brodsky
Trumpet Horns, John & Jeanie James, editors, Ohio Valley Region Of The LCOC
Valve-in-head Review, Jim Crame, editor, West Michigan Chapter, Buick Club Of America
The Windshield Post, Robert Fitzsimmons, editor, Upper Midwest Region Classic Car Club Of America

Museums & Associations

Braking News, Susan Lane, Curator, Lane Motor Museum
Check The Oil!, Jerry Keyser, managing editor & circulation, Petroliana...and More, Three Fifty Six, Inc.
Code-4, Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Association
Die Cast Car, Jay Olins, editor, Die Cast Car Collectors Club
Driving Force, Matthew Pearson, editorial Director, Sema – Specialty Equipment Market Association
Foundation News, Frank Scheidt, editor, Early Ford V-8 Foundation
Futurliner News, Dean G. Tyron editor, GM Futurliner Restoration Project
Gray Goose News, Terry Ernest, editor, The Wills Museum
The Herald, Joseph Krammin, editor, Gilmore Car Museum & The Classic Car Club Of America Museum
The Ignitor, Mike Healey, editor, The Spark Plug Collectors Of America
The Packard Proving Grounds News Report, Bud Juneau, editor,
The Packard Motor Car Foundation
The Time Machine, National Packard Museum
Precious Metal, Jackie L Frady, editor, National Automobile Museum – The Harrah Collection
SAH Journal, Thomas S. Jakups, editor, The Society Of Automotive Historians, Inc.
The Sprit, Dave Pfaff, editor, R.E. Olds Transportation Museum
The Universal Car, The International Ford History Project

National Meets

Crosley Quarterly 2007 Wauseon Nationals, Fred Syrdal, editor,
Driven Living The Legend, Mini –nats, Anna Lewellan, editor, Shelby American Automobile Club Of Northern California
Glenmoor Gathering, Glenmoor Gathering Of Significant Automobiles, 13th Annual Concours D’elegance, David Schulz, Executive Director, Myron Vernis, Director, Glenmoor Country Club
Journey With Olds, Quad States 2007, Oldsmobile Club Of America
Mass Cruisers Auto Club, Car Show Program, John Buchanary, editor
National Spaamfaa Convention & Muster, Central New York Chapter – The Belle Isle Reserve Fire Company
Packards Automobile Classics 42st Annual National Meet, South Bend, Ind., The Packard Club, Packard Automobile Classics, Inc., Mark & Vicki Smucker, Meet Chairs
The Skyliner Post Convention Issue, Edward Albracht, Jr., editor, International Ford Retractable Club
WPC News 38th Annual National Meet, Richard Bowman, editor

Honorable Mention:

(Editor’s note: No certificates are sent; Mention is made of being on this honor roll.)
Autograf, Jim & Kay Scott, editors, Mississippi Valley Region Aaca
Bow Tie Bulletin, Ron Panicucci, editor, Jersey Lakeland Region Vintage Chevrolet Club Of America
The Brass Lamp, Bill Devore, editor, Genesee Valley Antique Car Society, Inc. – Antique Automobile Club Of America
The Brass Lamp, Bill Tabor, editor, Horseless Carriage Club Of Missouri
Canton Chapter Newsletter, Bill & Pat Lytle, editors, Antique Automobile Club Of America Ohio Region
Connector, Ed & Chris Gray, Pacific Northwest Region Lincoln & Continental Owners Club
Crank ‘N’ Throttle, E. Louise Pruitt, Willys Overland Knight Registry
The Exhaust Whistle, Robert Hinds, editor, Aaca Dixie Region
The Hexagon, Susan Johnson, editor, Mid-atlantic Packards, Inc,
MSAAC Newsletter, Tom Yoder & Mo Tremblay, Mid State Antique Auto Club
Northstar News, Dave Gustafson, editor, Northstar Lcoc
The Old Crank, Dennis Holland, editor, Loveland Chapter Of The Veterans Motor Car Club Of America
The Old Dominion, Rod Hobbs, editor, Old Dominion Packard Club
The Rocket Review, Scott Phillips, editor, The Capitol City Rockets Oldsmobile Club Of America
Sidemounts, Eugene Shild, editor, Packards Of Chicagoland
Smoke Signal, Max Spooner & Jeannine Vass, editors, The Totem Thunderbird Club
Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Times, Judy Pinkoski & Kim Culp, editors, Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Club

Black and White

Airhorn, Charley Biddle, Corsa Chapter Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts
Caddie Chronicle, Vince Taliano, editor, Cadillac & Lasalle Club Potomac Region
Classic Olds Journal, Mary Degler, Olds Club Of Florida Oldsmobile Club Of America
Clutch Chatter, Larry Huffman, editor, Tri -county AACA
Coastal Rambler, Cliff Danley, editor, First Coast AMC Club
1915-1918 Buick & Mclaughlin-buick Owners Group, Dean Tryon, editor
Flyer, Marty Hanson, editor, Freewheelers Car Club
The GMC Times, Paul Bergstrom, editor, Gmc Truck Chapter Pontiac Oakland Club International
The Hudson-aire, Lynn P. Horn, editor, Chespeake Bay Chapter Het Club
Jersey Late Greats, Jersey Late Greats, Inc., Mike Berry, editor
The News Counselor, Fred Mauck, editor, Packards International Motor Car Club
North American Singer Owners Club News, Phillip Avis, editor
The Nuts & Bolts, Joe Pinson, Media, Cape Canaveral Region Aaca Of America
Octagon, Frank Ochal, editor, American MGB Association
Oily Rag, Jeff Higgins, President, Rods-n-relics Car Club Ltd.
Packard Digest, Craig Handley, Motor City Packards Of Metropolitan Detroit
Pelican Papers, David Robinson, editor, North Atlantic Packards - Packard Automobile Classics
Pony Xpress, Mike Deliberto, editor, Garden State Region Mustang Club
The Prowler, Don Skinner, editor, Cascade Cougar Club Pacific Northwest
Puget Sounds, Ray & Sherry Bunn, editors, The Early Ford V-8 Club Puget Sound Regional Group
Sallee Speaks, Nancy Hotz, editor, The Lasalle Appreciation Society, A Society Of The Cadillac Lasalle Club, Inc.
North American Singer Owners Club News, Phillip Avis, editor, North American Singer Owners Club
Pelican Papers, David Robinson, editor, North Atlantic Packards – Packard Automobile Classics, Inc.
The Portland Gasleak, Karyn Colon, editor, Horseless Carriage Club Of America Portland Group
The Prowler, Don Skinner, editor, Cascade Cougar Club
The Standard, Kevin Luedtke, editor, Motor City Region – Cadillac & Lasalle Club
Studebaker Spokesman, Claude Chmielewski, editor, Wisconsin Regional Studebaker Drivers Club
Triangle, Neil Owen, editor, Mid-south Chapter Of The Hudson Essex Terraplane Club, Inc.
Velie Register, Chuck Hoaglund, Velie Motors Corporation
Wide Tracking, Gregory Sereico, editor, Gto Association Of Pennsylvania

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