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2016 Review - What's Hot, What's Not

By Brian Earnest


This wicked 1953 Chevy truck combines two of the hobby’s hottest trends: 1950s pickups and modern high-tech equipment on older vehicles.What’s hot in the collector car world these days? Well, that depends on who you ask, of course.

As 2016 winds to a close, we decided to ask a whole bunch of the movers and shakers in the collector car business to share some insights about what was moving and what was stalling in the past 12 months.

We got a lot of fascinating and widely diverse answers, but some definite trends emerged. Following are 10 “what’s hot-what’s not” topics from another eventful year.

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  • ‘Barn Finds’ - So when are we finally going to ferret out all the amazing, dusty old machines hiding in barns and sheds around this planet?
  • 1980s Cars - The 1970s and ’80s will forever be viewed as the Dark Ages by many when it comes to interesting automobiles, but nostalgia is a funny thing.
  • Pickups - It’s not exactly a new trend.
  • Resto-Mods - JohnKraman gives his take on resto-mods.
  • Japanese Cars - Cars from the Rising Sun
  • Special edition trucks: Are they the next big thing? The darlings of the manufacturers
  • The South is a buyer’s market - Where are all the cars for sale?
  • Classics and prewar favorites - How do these classics stack up in the market?
  • The slow comeback of muscle - The big million-dollar splashes that set the muscle car world on its collective ear more than a decade ago. Where are they now?
  • Ferraris and Porsches - Will they have staying power?

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