2017 Golden Quill Award Winners

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Top club magazines again set the bar high

Winners of the Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill Award for 2017 have been selected based on the publication’s ability to meet the needs and preferences of club members while maintaining a high degree of integrity in content, creativity, information, accuracy, design, variety, technical ideas and overall feel. Awards are given out in National and Regional Divisions for Compact, Intermediate and Full-Size print publications based on page count and page sizes of the magazines and newsletters. Museums and other car hobby organizations also have a category.

Chief judge in the selection is Dr. Gerald Perschbacher, a long-time hobbyist and writer for OCW. His experience has been enriched by collector car ownership and a multitude of national and international vintage car events. A national editor by profession and a published writer since the 1970s, Perschbacher waded through a large volume of club periodicals to thin the selection to some of the very best in the hobby.

“I am not alone in the process,” he explains. “Copies of club publications have been sent regularly by mail to two locations — mine and the editorial office of OCW. When finalists are selected, approval by the editorial office is necessary before awards are granted.”

The chief judge emphasizes that these winners are “some of the very best,” since a small number of clubs, nationally and regionally, do not submit their publications for consideration.“We would like to consider them in the future, so check with your editor if your club is not among the winners — and encourage the following addresses to be put on their regular mailing list: Old Cars Weekly Editor, 5225 Joerns Dr., Stevens Point, WI 54481 (note the new address) and Dr. Gerald Perschbacher, 8868 Rock Forest Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123-1116.”

Angelo Van Bogart, OCW editor, indicates that occasionally a club updates its mailing list and these two addresses may be removed in error. “We cannot consider a club’s publication unless it is being sent to us. This works to the benefit of every club so that an honest and balanced review is made.” All publications are to be sent in printed form rather than electronic submissions. “Otherwise, it is like comparing apples with grapefruit,” he says. “It just doesn’t work right. Quality in printing and color rendition are among the judged values.”

Regional or local car clubs producing a publication of eight pages or less may choose two issues from the entire year and submit those for award review. Copies must be sent to both addresses.

“As for regional clubs with a publication of more than eight pages per issue, they would still need to submit each issue due to the depth and coverage they provide,” Perschbacher said. “National clubs, museums and associations would remain unchanged in the rules and still send a copy of each issue to both addresses.”

Publications that are sent to both addresses may be chosen for highlighting in OCW’s “Club Clips” column, thus expanding the reach of those clubs and augmenting potential membership growth.

“We have seen greater steps toward quality and balanced selections of articles in many club publications,” Perschbacher adds. “These improvements reflect very favorably on our hobby. Congratulations to the winners mentioned in this issue. May they continue to hold high the torch of our hobby.”

To enter your publication for consideration of the Golden Quill Award, sent a copy to both of the following addresses:

Old Cars Weekly Editor
5225 Joerns Dr. Suite 2
Stevens Point, WI 54481
*Note new address


Dr. Gerald Perschbacher
8868 Rock Forest Drive
St. Louis, MO 63123-1116

National Luxury

Air Cooled News, Alex Huppe & Jeryl Schriever, co-editors, H.H. Franklin Club, Inc.

American Motoring, Cheryl Samuel & Mike Spangler, editors, American Motors Owners Association

Antique Automobile, West Peterson, editor, The Antique Automobile Club of America

At The Sign Of The Cat, Thierry Frisch, editor, Cougar Club of America

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club Newsletter, Shannon Olson, editor, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club

Avanti, Lewis Schucart, editor, Avanti Owners Association International

The Brickline, Randy Wyrick, editor, Bricklin International Owners Club, Inc.

Buick Bugle, Pete Phillips, editor, Buick Club of America

The Bulb Horn, Dennis Holland, editor, The Veteran Motor Car Club of America

The Cormorant News Bulletin, Craig Handley, editor, The Packard Club

The Corvette Restorer, Vinnie Peters, editor, National Corvette Restorers Society

Early Bird, Lin Somsak, editor, Classic Thunderbird Club International

Enjine! Enjine!, Scott Rollins, editor, SPAAMFAA

Generator & Distributor, Kate Sullivan, editor, Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, Inc.

Horseless Carriage Gazette, John Meyer III/Jeryl Schriever, editor, Horseless Carriage Club of America

Impala News, Don Keefe, editor, National Impala Association

Journey with Olds, Shannon Olson, editor, Oldsmobile Club of America

LaCad, Andrew & Rachel Rees, editors, Cadillac & LaSalle Club of Australia

The Legend, Tom Szymczyk, editor, GTO Association of America

Lincoln Owners’ Club Newsletter, Greg Bilpuch, editor, Lincoln Owners’ Club

Lincoln & Continental Comments, Tim Howley, editor, Lincoln & Continental Owners Club

Model A News, Helen Ehrehnofer, editor, Model A Ford Club of America

Model A Times, John LaVoy, editor, Model A Times

Model T Times, Natalie Weaver, editor, The Model T Ford Club International

On Solid Ground, Ken Amrick, editor, Solid Axle Corvette Club

The Packard Cormorant, Stuart R. Blond, editor, Packard Automobile Classics

Packards International Magazine, Don Hull, editor, Packards International

Plymouth Bulletin, Lanny D. Knutson, editor, Plymouth Owners Club

Porsche Panorama, Amy Skogstrom, interim editor-in-chief, The Porsche Club of America

The Professional Car, Walt McCall, editor, The Professional Car Society

Pur Sang, Tim Clifford, editor, American Bugatti Club

Quicksilver, Todd Haefer, editor, International Mercury Owners Association

The Restorer, Jim Spawn, editor, Model A Ford Club of America

Smoke Signals, Tim Dye, editor, Pontiac Oakland Club International

Thunderbird Scoop, Terri McNeill, editor, Vintage Thunderbird Club International

Turning Wheels, Ann Turner, editor, The Studebaker Drivers Club

V8 Times, Jerry Windle, editor, Early Ford V-8 Club of America

National Intermediate

AEV (Action Era Vehicle), Charles E. Smith, editor, Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association

The Arrow, Roger J. Sherman, editor, Pierce-Arrow Society

Crosley Quarterly, Fred Syrdal, editor, Crosley Automobile Club, Inc.

DeSoto Adventures, Geoff Overley, editor, National DeSoto Club, Inc.

Fomoco Times, Travis B. Sheaffer, editor, Crown Victoria Association

Griffon, Joe Corbacio, editor, Iso Bizzarrini Owners Club

Healey Marque, Reid Trummel, editor, Austin-Healey Club of America

The National Falcon News, Janet Wilkerson, editor, The Falcon Club of America, Inc.

The Nomad Post, John Lee, editor, The Chevrolet Nomad Association

REO Echo, Stan (Butch) & Lois Pream and Martin & Joyce Moody, editors, The REO Club of America, Inc.

Runabouts to Rockets, Wendy Crosby, editor, National Antique Oldsmobile Club

The Starter, John Nikodym, editor, Willys-Overland-Knight Registry

Stutz News, Carl Jensen, editor, The Stutz Club, Inc.

Torque Tube II, Matthew Hinson, editor, 1936-1938 Buick Club

Transverse Torque, Roger Corti, editor, The Ford Y & C Model Register

The Vintage Ford, Jack Vaughn, interim editor, Aleesa Drennen & Jack Vaughn, editors, Model T Ford Club of America

VSA, Jim Bates, editor, Volvo Sports America/1800 Register, Inc.

Woodie Times, John Lee, editor, The National Woodie Club

WPC News, Richard Bowman, editor, Chrysler Product Restorers Club

National Compact

Airflow Newsletter, Frank Daly, editor, Airflow Club of America

American Austin Bantam Club News, Bob & Cathy Cunningham, editors, The American Austin Bantam Club

Chrysler 300 Club News, Andy Mikonis, editor, Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc.

Cross Flags, Jeff Butz, editor, ’65-’66 Full Size Chevrolet Club

Durant Partner, Carol Fogarazzo, editor, Durant Motors Automobile Club

Front Wheel Driver, Steve & Lucy Blakey, editors, Toronado Owners Association

International Thunderbird Script, Nichole Colwell, editor, International Thunderbird Club

The Marmon News, Jeff Stumb, editor, The Marmon Club

North American Singers Owners Club News, Phillip Avis, editor, North American Singer Owners Club

Professional Car Collector, Louis C. Farah, editor, Professional Cars International

The Silver Shell, Jeff Buckley, editor, Moon Car Club

Silver Trumpet, Bill Blunden, editor, Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus of America

Supercharger, Dale Robbins, editor, Graham Owners Club International, Inc.

Talegate, Chuck Snyder, editor, International Station Wagon Club

TC America Newsletter, B. Karleen Tarola, president, TC America, Inc.

Thunder & Lightning, Renee Kuharchuk, editor, Hurst/Olds Club of America

Tucker Topics, Steve Lehto, editor, Tucker Automobile Club of America

Vintage Triumph, Mike Cook, editor, The Vintage Triumph Register

Viva Carrera!, Mike Denney, editor, The Road Race Lincoln Register Club

Museums & Associations

Wheels & Waves, Larry DePasquale, editor, International Amphicar Owners Club

The Accelerator, Jon Bill, curator, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

Braking News, Jeff Lane, director, Lane Motor Museum

Driving Force, Colby Martin, editor, SEMA Action Network

Gray Goose News, Terry Ernest, editor, The Wills Museum

The Ignitor, John Teel, editor, Spark Plug Collectors of America

LineChaser, Tom Vollbrecht, Jr., editor, Minnesota Street Rod Association

Mercedes-Benz Classic, Jochen Fischer, editor, Mercedes-Benz

Precious Metal, Jackie L. Frady, editor, National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection)

Red Cap Review II, Charles E. Wilson, editor, Mullins Owners Club

Reflections, Jeffrey E. Bliemeister, Executive Director, AACA Museum, Inc.

Secrets, Charlie Yapp, Secrets of Speed Society

Stanley Museum Journal, H. James Merrick, Stanley Museum, Inc.

Regional Full Size

AM Spirit, Z. Chris Kaszuba, Northern Ramblers Car Club, Inc.

Bird’s Nest, Don Seymour, editor, New England’s Vintage Thunderbirds

The Colorado Classicist, Tom Goyne, editor, Colorado — AACA

The Dashboard, Maureen Blevins, editor, Greater Illinois Region — CCCA

Driven, Bill Fulk, editor, Shelby American Automobile Club of Northern California

Fiero Focus, Scott Savage, editor, Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts, Inc.

Finz, Ron Melville, editor, Cadillac & LaSalle Club of New Zealand

Hoosier Horn, Jeff Shively, editor, Indiana Region — CCCA

Northern Lights, Donna & Bill Dirnberger, editors, Minnesota Region — AACA

Overhead Cammer, Jim Black, editor, Overhead Cammers Chapter — Pontiac Oakland Club International

The Pious Pelican, Bud Juneau, editor, Northern California Packards

The Skyline, Craig Handley, editor, The Metro Region — CCCA

Torque, Rich Ray, editor, Michigan Region — CCCA

Vairforce, Kathy Bombardier, editor, The Bay State Corvair Club — CORSA

The Vette Signal, Jim Santoro, editor, Michigan Chapter — NCRS


Arizona Bird Chatter, Chris Ames, editor, Arizona Classic Thunderbird Club

Birds of a Feather, Jim & Diane Rugg, editors, Classic T-Bird Club of Wisconsin

The Bonding Strip, Jamie Fiffles, editor, Southern California Chapter — NCRS

DeSoto Diary, Bob Baer, editor, DeSoto Owners Club of Maryland — National DeSoto Club

Ford Lines, Mike Denney, editor, Tulsa — Early Ford V8 Club of America

The Gas Buggy Gazette, John E. Sayler, Jr., editor, Gettysburg Region — AACA

Hawkeye Hexagon, Dick Boswell, editor, Iowa Hawkeye Packards — Packard Automobile Classics

Henney Program of Progress, George Hamlin, editor, Henney Chapter — Professional Car Society

The Herald, Ed Gunyo, editor, Northstar Region — Cadillac & LaSalle Club

The Hood Scoop, Chris Winslow, editor, Gateway GTO Association

Hoosier Views, Bruce & Carol Gable, editors, Indiana Regional Group #56 — Early Ford V8 Club of America

The Hub Cap, Joyce Edfors, editor, Wisconsin Region — CCCA

Hud-Nut News, Polly Mitchell/Jesse Smith, editors, Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter — Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club

Northstar News, Dave Gustafson, editor, Northstar Region — Lincoln & Continental Owners Club

Nuts And Bolts, Joe Pinson, editor, Cape Canaveral Region — AACA

The Occasional, Steven G. Williams, editor, Model T Ford Club of Greater St. Louis, Inc.

Planetary News, Mike Zahorik, editor, Model T Ford Club of Milwaukee

The Redline Times, Reba Whittington, editor, Carolinas Chapter — NCRS

Rocket Recorder, Irma Benedek, editor, Delaware Valley Oldsmobile Club

Rocket Review Quarterly, Scott Phillips, editor, Capitol City Rockets Chapter — Oldsmobile Club of America

Snic Braaapp, Jack Gleason/Tom Morgan, editors, Illinois Sports Owners Association

Thunderbird News, Ed Raabe, editor, Classic Thunderbird Club of South Florida

Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Times, Judy Aunet, editor, Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Club

Wheel Tracks, Gary Fiske, editor, Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts

Regional Sub Compact

The Ah-OOO-Gah Bulletin, Bruce Burke, editor, Mohican Model A Ford Club

Alabama Packards Newsletter, Dale Baker, editor, Alabama Packards Club

’53-’54 Buick Skylark Club, Gary DiLillo, editor, Buick Skylark Club

The Gateway Gazette, Dennis Koch, editor, Gateway Chapter — Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club

The Rope Shaft Reader, Gary Stoiber, editor, Little Indians Chapter — Pontiac Oakland Club International

Sidelights, Jean Hawa, editor, South Florida Region — AACA

Packardgram, Duane Gunn, editor, Arizona Region Packards International

Pajarito Thunderbird Club of New Mexico, Lloyd Powell, editor, Chapter 17 — Classic Thunderbird Club International

Pelican Papers, Drusilla Carter, editor, North Atlantic Packards — Packard Automobile Classics

PMD Excitement, Chuck Catalano, editor, South Jersey Pontiac Chapter —Pontiac Oakland Club International

The Pushrod, Pam Scherer, editor, Milwaukee CORSA

Sidelights, Jean Hawa, editor, South Florida Region — AACA

The Steering Column, Betty E. Fisher, editor, The Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club

Steering Wheel Newsletter, Ed Meyer, editor, Missouri-Illinois Gateway Chapter — Avanti Owners Association International

Voice, Steve Fox, editor, Iowa CrossRoads Region — Cadillac & LaSalle Club

Willys Overland Words, Joy Heidal, editor, Northwest Chapter — Willys-Overland-Knight Registry


Airhorn, Chris Biddle, editor, Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts CORSA Chapter

The Belltown Bulletin, Dan David, editor, Belltown Antique Car Club

Bow Tie Bulletin, Ron Panicucci, editor, Jersey Lakeland Region Vintage Chevrolet Club of America

Caddy Chatter, Tony Albarella, editor, Cadillac Club of North Jersey

Carolina Plymouth Power, Dean Yates, editor, Plymouth Owners Club — Carolina Region

Chrysler Tonic, Carol Morice, editor, Northern Illinois Region — Walter P. Chrysler Club, Inc.

Classic Olds Journal, Mary Degler, editor, Olds Club of Florida — Oldsmobile Club of America

Clutch Chatter, Larry R. Huffman, editor, Tri-County Region — AACA

Cormorant Flier, Stan Ruesch, editor, Wisconsin Packard Club

Dairyland Digest, Helen Gellert, editor, Dairyland Region — Plymouth Owners Club

The Detroit Headliner, John Northup, editor, Detroit Region — Lambda Car Club International

Dynaflash, Jim Jaeger, editor, Hawkeye Chapter — Buick Club of America

The Early Bird Fan, KC Doughty, editor, Sant Clara Valley Thunderbird Chapter 50 — Classic Thunderbird Club International

East Coast Chapter Newsletter, Pat & Dan Kasten, editors, East Coast Chapter — International Ford Retractable Club

The Echo, Chris Collins, editor, Grand Canyon State Chapter — Studebaker Drivers Club

Gateway Gazette, Ted Baker, editor, St. Louis Gateway Chapter — Buick Club of America

The GMC Times, Paul Bergstrom, editor, GMC Truck Chapter — Pontiac Oakland Club International

Good Olds Days, Cassandra Petersen, editor, Illinois Valley Olds Chapter

The Great Plains Hudson Gazette, Ramona Dittrich, editor, NE/IA Chapter — Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club

Hud-Nut News, Polly Mitchell/Jesse Smith, editors, Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter — Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club

Illinois Chapter, Shelley Condon, editor, Illinois Chapter — Pontiac Oakland Club International

Kaiser Frazier Owners Club International Monthly News Bulletin, Barbara Mueller, editor

Long Life, John Nikodym, editor, Velie Registry

The Lord Nuffield Crier, Bob & Lynne Mendelsohn, editors, The Ohio Chapter — NEMGTR

Mass Cruisers Auto Club, John Buchanan, editor, Mass Cruisers Auto Club

Northwest Passage, Brian Curtis, Pacific Northwest Chapter — ASC

Packard Panorama, Jim Yocum, editor, Keystone Packards — Packard Automobile Classics

Pan Siftings, Ray Maier, editor, St. Cloud Antique Auto Club, Inc.

The Peerless Co-Operator, Mark Desch, editor, The Peerless Motor Club, Inc.

Phantom News, Arlene Roth, editor, Phantoms Motor/Model Club

Plymouth Power, Dean Yates, president, Plymouth Owners Club — Carolina Region

Porthole, Fred Syrdal, editor, Gopher State Chapter — Buick Club of America

The Pushrod, Pam Scherer, editor, Milwaukee CORSA

Redline Times, Jason Baird, editor, Goat Herd GTO Club of Oregon

The RopeShaft Reader, Gary Stoiber, editor, Little Indians Chapter — Pontiac Oakland Club International

Rumble Sheet, Bill Gillies, editor, Twin Cities Regional Group #46 — Early Ford V-8 Club of America

The Spyder Web, Dee Lynch, editor, North Wisconsin Corvair Club

The Standard of the World, Bill Levy, editor, West of the Lake Region— Cadillac & LaSalle Club

The Starterator, Rich Gibbs, editor, Sunflower Region — CHVA

Studebaker Spokesman, Claude Chmielewski, editor, Wisconsin Region— Studebaker Drivers Club

Thunderbird Flyer, Tom Przedwojewski, editor, Northwest Vintage Thunderbird Club

Tomahawk, Paul Bergstrom, editor, Minnesota Chapter 13 — Pontiac Oakland Club International

Trail Bird News, David Tulowitzky, editor, Trail Birds of Southwest Florida

Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Times, Judy Aunet, editor, Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Club

Up To Speed, Maureen Blevins, editor, Greater Illinois Region — CCCA

Wheels “A” Rolling, David B. Young, editor, Mid-Atlantic Region — Vintage Motor Car Club of America

Winged Goddess, Jeff Shively, 1941 Cadillac Chapter — Cadillac & LaSalle Club

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