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2017 Iola Car Show welcomes Camaro and Firebird

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IOLA, Wis. _ The Firebird and Camaro weren’t just an answer to the Ford Mustang, they were an answer to General Motors’ fans prayers. They’ll also be the focus of the 2017 Iola Car Show, to be held from July 6-8 in Iola, Wis.

Up to the creation of the Camaro and Firebird for the 1967 model year, GM performance enthusiasts went with the mid-size Chevelles and GTOs or full-size, big-block machines packaged with high-strength goodies. For anything smaller than a GTO or Chevelle SS, there was the unorthodox Tempest LeMans and the Corvair. With all these offerings, the Ford Mustang still left GM lovers wishing for a direct pony car competitor of their own.

GM’s Mustang fighters debuted for the 1967 model year as the Pontiac Firebird and the Chevrolet Camaro, and they were a hit. A total of 220,906 Camaro coupes and convertibles were built for model year 1967 while 82,560 Firebird coupes and convertibles were built for the same period.

Camaro and Firebird owners are invited to celebrate the interest in their cars at the 2017 Iola Car Show by pre-registering their car; fans of GM’s pony cars are invited to come see what is expected to be a gigantic display of these hot cars.

To learn more or register your car, go to , call 715-445-4000 or e-mail

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