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Enter our 'Nostalgic Treasures' contest

IOLA, Wis. _ Antique Trader, one of Old Cars Weekly's sister publications, is running a contest looking for interesting stories about your keepsakes. Seeing as how we are all collectors in one way or another, it seems fitting to extend the opportunity to the Old Car Weekly community to submit their stories. The stories, on items of sentimental value, do not have to be automotive related. Below is information about Antique Trader's current contest.

After eight years of inspiring and entertaining reader submissions about “favorite finds,” Antique Trader is holding a 2017 Nostalgic Treasures contest. Sponsors of the contest are: Devon Jewelry, Houstory, Heritage Auctions, JDisplay Case, Funkee Junk eBay Shop and Antique Digger.

We’re looking for stories about your favorite Nostalgic Treasures. Everyone’s treasured items – even your beloved Oscar Mayer Weinermobile whistle – are absolutely good enough. For this contest, the winner will be selected based on how well they convey why an item is important to them. It’s the nostalgia that counts – the connection.”

Perhaps its an heirloom doll passed from grandmother to granddaughter, a kitschy black velvet painting of Elvis that is forever linked to childhood memories of visiting (or being dragged) along to the local “surplus shop” by your parents, or maybe it’s a bold-in-a-less-than-beautiful-way bronze figure discovered in an out-of-the-way place that is the centerpiece of your living room and frequent topic of conversation among visitors. Maybe a model car or an old hubcap off of Grandpa's old Hudson is what you hold dear. Antique Trader wants to hear all about it. Remember we are looking for the story behind the connection.

Although we are in the trade of antiques and collectibles, and if money is not changing hands, there isn’t much business happening, but we also recognize nostalgia is a valuable commodity. With that, Antique Trader will be picking winners for the 2017 Nostalgic Treasures contest. Please see the prizes below.

Grand Prize (1 winner) will receive: A rare large piece of Fordite weighing approximately 44 carats and boasting silver grey, navy blue, white, red and black striations. Fordite is a scarce commodity used by jewelers, and formed in Ford automobile factories in the 1960s. The material was made from the drips of metallic paint on sprayers. There are hundreds of fine layers of automotive paint, built up over many years, in this single piece of Fordite, which was discovered when the Ford factories were torn down. The exquisite piece comes from contest sponsor Devon Fine Jewelers ( The Grand Prize winner will also receive a vintage WEB sterling silver base etched glass vase measuring 11 high, from contest sponsor eBay Shop Funkee Junk (; a one year subscription Intelligent Collector magazine published by Heritage Auctions (, a contest sponsor; and a one year subscription to Antique Trader magazine ( Total value of this prize package: $472

Runner-Up Prize (1 winner) will receive: A Parker 51 fountain pen donated by contest sponsor Antique Digger (; an acrylic display cover and base from contest sponsor J Display Case (; a 10-pack of registration stickers to register items with Houstory’s HeirloomRegistryTM — an online registry for recording, in words and photos, the stories and provenance of antique and collectible items, donated by contest sponsor Houstory (; an Altimeter Table Clock from contest sponsor Pendulux (; a one year subscription Intelligent Collector Heritage Auctions’ magazine; a copy of the Tiffany Glass Coloring Book by Jessica Palmer and inspired by Tiffany lamps at the New York Historical Society, published by Skira Rizzoli (; an Olivetti Pattern Journal, produced by Princeton Architectural Press (; and a one yearsubscription to Antique Trader magazine ( Total value of this prize package: $400

Finalist Prize (5 winners): A copy of the “Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2018 Price Guide” (List Price $24.95) autographed by the author, Eric Bradley.

The contest is open to persons age 16 and older. Each contestant is invited to submit two stories; 2016 contestants are welcome to send different stories for the 2017 Nostalgic Treasures Contest.

Entries eligible for inclusion in the 2017 contest must be received by midnight October 6, 2017. Send entries, including full name and mailing address, to
Antique Trader Nostalgic Treasures Contest
700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990
If sending by e-mail, include “2017 Nostalgia Treasures Contest Entry” in the subject line.

For more information, please email or call editors Antoinette (715-350-7078) or Karen (715-318-0379).

To view an example of the type of stories being submitted review the article “Trench art yields cherished connection to father” at AntiqueTrader Example

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