New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run turns 30

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The 30th Anniversary New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run to be held Saturday, Aug. 13 with early tours to be held Aug. 9-12.
The festivities will include a 120-mile tour of the Minnesota countryside and four days of shorter tours before Saturday’s Grand Tour.
Finishers will receive specially minted medallions and other commemorative items.
The main tour for pre-1916 vehicles will run from Aug. 9 to 12. On Aug. 13: all vehicles up through 1908 and any 1- or 2-cylinder vehicles through 1915 are invited to participate. Early registration is encouraged. Participation limited to the first 100 cars to register. Volunteer drivers will transport trailers to New Brighton.
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The Run began in 1987 during New Brighton’s Centennial Celebration to reinforce the City’s namesake ties to Brighton, England. It is patterned after the prestigious London to Brighton Veteran Car Run held annually in England. The English Run celebrates the repeal of the “Red Flag” law in 1896. The law banned the first motorized vehicles from using the road unless a man carrying a red flag walked in front of the car. Over the years the 57-mile English Run has become one of the world’s largest spectator events, where 2 million people gather to watch the ancient autos travel the crowded city streets celebrating motoring freedom. The Minnesota Run is a 120-mile American version designed to showcase the beauty and endurance of very early automobiles.

In 1987, 17 veteran cars registered to be part of the inaugural running of the New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run. The Run was held in August and was part of New Brighton’s Centennial Year Celebration. Since that year, the Run has been held annually and has attracted close to 70 cars each year.

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