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'61 Galaxie surfaces in Wisconsin

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LONG LAKE, WI – They didn't find Jimmy Hoffa but a mystery remains surrounding a car raised from Long Lake, east of Centuria, recently.

According to local reports, residents living in the area first spotted the car over the winter as the water levels fell at the lake. However, it wasn't until just recently that volunteers from a local dive group were able to make an attempt to reach the car. Only after divers spent more than six hours in chilly waters was the car finally brought to the surface.

submurged 61 galaxie.jpg

What they found was a 1961 Ford Galaxie in very mixed condition. The front end of the car was buried up to the windshield in the muddy lake bottom. It appears that the ensuing mud-bath helped keep the nose of the car in good shape. The doors and hood could open and the red padding on the doors was still visible. Even the radio antenna remained.

The back end of the car, which was exposed to the water, suffered a different fate and was almost completely decomposed. Only the frame, rear bumper, and rear tires (still fully inflated) remained.?

? The car was found approximately 120 feet from shore, resting in 12 feet of water at a 45 degree angle and was was facing the shoreline. According to local news reports, the driver's window was down and the key was still in the ignition.

While it seems that the car may have been heading for shore when it went through the ice, there is speculation that the car may have been driven at a high speed into the lake. Local authorities are uncertain who the car belongs to or how long it had been submerged.

To read more about the "out of this world" '61 Galaxie in the Inter-County Leader, click HERE.

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