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9/11 Remembrance and Iowa’s Cars class planned for Des Moines Concours

Des Moines ClassAnnouncement

A "9/11 Remembrance" and "Iowa’s Cars" are among the special classes announced for the 2016 Des Moines Concours. The 9/11 Remembrance Class will include firefighting and rescue vehicles that honor the memories of all who gave their lives in the World Trade Center bombing. The Des Moines Concours is held each year on the weekend after Labor Day”

“For our 9/11 Remembrance Class,” said event co-chair Rich Collins, “we are seeking high-quality, fully restored examples of rescue and firefighting vehicles built up to 2001. We recognize that people often think about the military response to 9/11 and the vehicles associated with that effort. We felt it was important to focus on the people who responded to the tragedies.” The Des Moines Concours plans to include additional remembrance activities as part of the Concours.

The 2016 Concours will also feature the Iowa’s Cars Class, featuring motor vehicles conceived and constructed in Iowa. According to historian Bill Jepsen, who literally wrote the book on Iowa's Automobiles, the state has a rich heritage of automobile design and manufacturing. Brothers Fred and August Duesenberg built their first cars in Des Moines before relocating to Indiana, where they produced the finest American automobiles of the 1930s. Colby, Mason, Maytag, Zip and other manufacturers were less successful.

List of Classes
The 2016 Des Moines Concours will offer full lineup of Special Classes just for 2016, as well as annual Permanent Classes. The 2016 Special Classes include:

  • 9/11 Remembrance (Inception – 2001): Firefighting and rescue vehicles that honor the memories of all who gave their lives on that fateful day.
  • Iowa’s Automobiles (Inception – 1966): Cars that were conceived and constructed right here in Iowa.
  • BMW Centennial (Motorcycles 1923 – Present; Automobiles 1927 – Present): Celebrating 100 years of BMW’s luxury, innovation, and engineering excellence.
  • Cadillac (1902 – 1966): General Motors’ flagship with a reputation for precision engineering, luxurious finishes, and mechanical innovation.
  • Hudson – Essex – Terraplane (1909 – 1957): The full line of innovative, economical, and fast automobiles from the Hudson Motor Car Company.
  • Dirt Track Racers (Inception – Present): Full-bodied and open-wheeled race cars driven by daredevils of the dirt ovals.
  • NASCAR Racers (1948 – Present): Powerful race cars sanctioned by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.
  • Pickups (1913 – 1966): Handy haulers popular among farmers and families alike.
  • State Patrol Vehicles (Inception – 1966): Cars with specially modified mechanical and communication systems to aid in law enforcement.
  • The following are the Permanent Classes of the Des Moines Concours:
  • Antiques (Inception – 1942): Horseless carriages, tin lizzies, and luxurious streamliners of the automobile’s Golden Age.
  • Full Classics® (1915 – 1948): Luxurious, limited production cars distinguished by fine design and engineering innovation.
  • Collectibles (1943 – 1966): Family cars and daily drivers treasured for the priceless memories that they represent.
  • Motorcycles (Inception – 1979): Fast and economical transportation on half the wheels for twice the fun.
  • Survivors (Inception – 1966): Unrestored, unmodified “time capsules” that display remarkably little wear for their age.
  • Exotics (Inception – Present): High-tech speedsters renowned for pulse-pounding performance, advanced engineering, and extravagance.

About Des Moines Concours
The Des Moines Concours is an automotive exhibition held at the internationally recognized John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park Sunday, September 11, 2016 in downtown Des Moines. The Concours will present an invitation-only exhibition of more than 150 vintage and classic motor vehicles, selected to celebrate the fine art, design evolution and amazing innovations of motor vehicles through the years, as well as the talented designers and engineers who created them.

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