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AACA Museum to premiere Tucker Torpedo

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HERSHEY, Pa. _ As part of this year’s Night at the Museum Gala at the AACA Museum, Inc., the AACA will host the first public appearance of the Tucker Torpedo concept car. The Torpedo's first public appearance on October 4 at the AACA Museum will be as a work in progress allowing people to see the workmanship and its inner-workings.

Before there was a Tucker '48, Preston Tucker engaged a series of design projects that produced a never-built concept vehicle called the Tucker Torpedo. While elements of the Torpedo found their way into the design of the production Tucker, the concept car is a very different automobile and was never produced in a full-scale prototype. This car, built by Rob Ida Concepts brings the Torpedo design concept to life. This is the first ever full-scale representation of Preston Tucker's 1946 Concept Car "The Tucker Torpedo" as designed by "chief stylist" George Lawson. The AACA Museum already has a permanent display of three Tucker '48 automobiles, including Tucker #1001.

 Image credit: Tucker Design History Files,

Image credit: Tucker Design History Files,

The Tucker Torpedo includes a centrally positioned steering wheel, doors that wrap up into the roof, and front fenders that turn when the car is cornering. Bob Kerekes is the car's owner as well as the owner of the "Lower 48" Tucker Custom that was on display at the AACA Museum last year and the owner of the hand-built Tucker re-creation from 2005.

Information on the annual Night at The Museum Gala & Live Auction is available at or by calling 717-566-7100 ext. 101. Advance tickets are required.


161 Museum Drive, Hershey, PA 17033

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