'American Barn Find' exhibit set for National Motorcycle Museum

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ANAMOSA, Iowa _ The new "American Barn Find" exhibition will open this spring at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa.

With the pubic's help, the museum will recreate the corner of a barn and show a random collection of stuff that just kind of "happened" there, items no longer needed, tossed out, then forgotten.


Museum staff will construct the corner of a barn in the museum with old barn boards, beams; this will become a permanent display in the Museum. Then they will fill it with great old stuff, and this new exhibit will open during the National Motorcycle Museum's June 3 Vintage Rally event.

If you have items to loan for a year or longer or donate to the project, email museum@nationalmcmuseum.org or call 614 551 0960. Or check the National Motorcycle Museum website, www.nationalmcmuseum.org

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