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America’s Car Museum is looking for cars

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America’s Car Museum is creating an exciting new exhibit named Through the Lens: Cars Defined by an American Century. The concept for this fresh exhibit is based on the idea that American history and the automobile are inextricably intertwined thus making cars the perfect lens to entertain and educate Museum guests. 

Opening in November, they will feature one vehicle from each decade 1910-2010 and encourage visitors to consider which car best defines the history and culture of that period. In some cases, these cars may not have been the most popular or a commercial success, just indicative of the time. 

ACM will "make a case" for each vehicle shown but, ultimately, the guests will decide, or "vote" for another.

They're looking for nice examples of these cars from the 1970's through the 1990's:

  • 72-79 1st generation Honda Civic
  • 84-90 1st generation Chrysler minivan
  • 91-94 1st generation Ford Explorer

They accept these daily drivers are not "show cars". Highest consideration will be given to vehicles that are OEM equipped with few aftermarket accessories.

If you have any questions, or are interested in nominating your car for this new exhibit, please send a picture and brief description of the vehicle to exhibits@americascarmuseum.orgby October 15, 2017.


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2702 East D Street
Tacoma, WA 98421


Phone: 253.779.8490
Toll Free: 877.902.8490



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