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And the 2014 Golden Quill Award winners are…

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Salute to the Winning Field

“There are many good car club publications, but some stand taller than the crowd. Those are the ones worthy of special notice,” says Dr. Gerald Perschbacher, a professional editor and book author himself, as well as a longtime contributor and columnist for Old Cars Weekly. “Those publications that lead the way in advancing the hobby need to be recognized.”

Perschbacher is chief judge for OCW’s Golden Quill Award, which is an established indicator of quality efforts in club publications.

Car clubs submit hardcopy versions of their publications to the head office of OCW and to Perschbacher. A careful selection of potential winners is suggested, then the OCW editorial staff and Perschbacher work out final details with quality high on the list.

Winning publications usually have several key elements, notes Perschbacher. He said top contenders strive to deliver balanced content, and this “usually includes events, recollections, how-to items, restoration tips, repair information, warnings on weaknesses that appear as cars age, members’ news, photo features and overall good use of color or black-and-white for accents.

“There are other factors, too,” Perschbacher adds. “Photos have good resolution and composition. Backgrounds are not too busy. They avoid compression or stretching and represent cars and people as they truly appeared. Layout and design are amenable to readers. Type fonts are used wisely to convey an appealing appearance.

“Let’s not overlook originality. In other words, an occasional reprint of an article may be fine in the eyes of most readers, but a steady diet of that can wear thin,” says OCW Editor Angelo Van Bogart. “Some winning issues also run brief minutes, reports and classifieds. Every element should be aimed at advancing the goals of the club, highlighting its favorite marque or eras, and fitting in with the readership desires of members.”

Perschbacher further explains that technical information, history, features, and club “stuff” should strike a good balance in each issue, if possible, or at least for the full run of the publication in a given year. He adds that prospective winners are grouped by categories that include page count, use of black-and-white or color and quality of paper stock. “It’s only fair to do it that way, otherwise we’d be comparing apples to oranges.”

The list of winners included here are for calendar year 2014. “If your club wants its publication to be considered for 2015, then send copies of each issue to both judges, preferably as each issue is printed. That way, your club and its publication may be selected to be mentioned in one of the ‘Club Clips’ columns that appear in every issue,” concludes Van Bogart.

Gratis hard copies of club publications are to be sent to:

Editor, Old Cars Weekly, 700 East State St., Iola, WI 54990
And to:
Dr. Gerald Perschbacher, 8868 Rock Forest Dr., St. Louis, MO 63123-1116.


And the 2014 Golden Quill Award winners are…


Antique Automobile, West Peterson, editor in chief, Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA)

Avanti Magazine, Lewis Schucart, editor, Avanti Owners Association International

Brute Force, Bill Adams Jr., editor, Chrysler 300 Club

The Buick Bugle, Pete Phillips, editor, Buick Club of America (BCA)

The Bulb Horn, Dennis Holland, editor, The Veteran Motor Car Club of America (VMCCA)

The Classic Car, Ron Verschoor, editor, Classic Car Club of America (CCCA)

Generator & Distributor, Kate Sullivan, editor, Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA)

Horseless Carriage Gazette, John Meyer III, editor, Horseless Carriage Club of America (HCCA)

Jaguar Journal, Michael L. Cook, editor, Jaguar Clubs of North America, Inc

LaLuneta, Orlando Bongiardino, editor, Club Amigos De Automoviles Antiguos (Argentina National)

Lincoln & Continental Comments, Tim Howley, editor, The Lincoln and Continental Owners Club (LCOC)

LineChaser, Sandy Felde, editor, Minnesota Street Rod Association (MSRA)

Mercedes-Benz Classic, Jochen Fischer & Hermann Ries, editors

Model “A” News, Helen Ehrenhofer, editor, The Model “A” Restorers Club (MARC)

Model T Times, Natalie W. Peiffer, editor, Model T Ford Club International (MTFCI)

The Packard Cormorant, Stuart Blond, editor, Packard Automobile Classics (PAC)

Packards International Magazine, Don Hull, editor, Packards International Motor Car Club (PIMCC)

Plymouth Bulletin, Lanny D. Knutson, editor, Plymouth Owners Club (POC)

Porsche Panorama, Pete Stout, editor, Porsche Club of America (PCA)

Porsche 356 Registry, Gordon Maltby, editor, Porsche 356 Registry Inc.

The Professional Car, Walter M. P. McCall, editor, The Professional Car Society (PCS)

The Restorer, Jim Spawn, editor, Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA)

The Riview, Ray Knott, editor, The Riviera Owners Association

The Self-Starter, Stephen E. Stewart, editor, Cadillac & LaSalle Club (CLC)

Smoke Signals, Donald J. Keefe, editor-in-chief, Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI)

Turning Wheels, Ann Turner, editor, The Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC)

V8 Times, Jerry Windle, editor, Early Ford V-8 Club of America (EFVCA)

The Vintage Ford, Jay Klehfoth, editor, Model T Ford Club of America (MTFCA)

Wheels of Time, Stormy Wylie, editor, American Truck Historical Society (ATHS)

Woodie Times, John Lee, editor, The National Woodie Club

WTN (White Triangle News), Sam Jackson, editor, The Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club Inc. (HET Club)


AEV — Action Era Vehicle, Charles R. Smith, editor, The Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association

American Motoring, Cheryl Samuel & Mike Spangler, editors, The American Motors Owners Association (AMOA)

The Arrow, Roger Sherman, editor, The Pierce-Arrow Society

At the Sign of the Cat, vacant, Cougar Club of America

The Auburn Cord Duesenburg Club Newsletter, Stan Gilliland, editor, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club

The Brickline, John T. Blair, editor, Bricklin International Owners Club Inc.

Bulletin, Ron Verschoor, editor, CCCA

The Cormorant News Bulletin, Craig Handley, editor, Packard Automobile Classics Inc.

Corsa Communique, Mike McGowan, executive editor, Corvair Society of America Inc.

Crosley Quarterly, Fred Syrdal, editor, Crosley Automobile Club Inc.

DeSoto Adventures, Geoff Overley, editor, National DeSoto Club Inc.

Enjine! Enjine!, Scott Rollins, editor, SPAAMFAA

Healey Marque, Reid Trummel, editor, Austin-Healey Club of America

The Ignitor, John Teel, editor, The Spark Plug Collectors of America

Impala News, Mike Berry, owner and editor, National Impala Association

Journey With Olds, Shannon Olson, editor, Oldsmobile Club of America

The Legend, Tom Szymyczyk, editor, GTO Association of America (GTOAA)

The NCRS Driveline, Eric Mortimer, editor, National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS)

The Nomad Post, John Lee, editor, Chevrolet Nomad Association

On Solid Ground, Ken Amrick, Solid Axle Corvette Club

The Peerless Co-Operator, Lis Nichols, editor, Peerless Motor Club Inc.

Quicksilver, Todd Haefer, editor, The International Mercury Owners Association

The Skyliner, John Shapiro, editor, International Ford Retractable Club

The Starter, John Nikodym, Willys-Overland-Knight Registry Inc.

Stutz News, Carl and Carol Jensen, editors, The Stutz Club Inc.

The Supercharger, Dale Robbins, editor, The Graham Owners Club International

300 Star Letter, Cyndi Vander Horn, editor, Gull Wing Group

Thunder & Lightning, Renee Kuharchuk, editor, Hurst/Olds Club of America

The Vintage Triumph, Mike Cook, editor, The Vintage Triumph Register

VSA, Jim Bates, editor and publisher, Volvo Sports America/1800 Register, Inc.

The Way of the Zephyr, David L. Cole, editor, Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club

WPC News, Richard Bowman, editor, Chrysler Product Restorers Club


American Austin Bantam Club News, Bob and Cathy Cunningham, editors, The American Austin Bantam Club

Cross Flags, Jeff Butz, editor, 1965-66 Full Size Chevrolet Club

Driving Force, Colby Martin, editor, SEMA Action Network, Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)

Driveshaft, Doug Buhrer, editor, Lambda Car Club International

Durant Partner, Carol Fogarazzo, editor, Durant Motors Automobile Club

’53-’54 Buick Skylark Club, Gary Li Lillo, editor, ’53-’54 Buick Skylark Club

Fomoco Times, Travis Sheaffer, editor, Crown Victoria Association

Front Wheel Driver, Steve and Lucy Blakey, editors, Toronado Owners Association

Kaiser Frazer Owners Club International Monthly News Bulletin, Barbara Mueller, editor, KFOCI

The Marmon News, Jeff Stumb, editor, The Marmon Club

The National Falcon News, Janet Wilkerson, editor, Falcon Club of America

North American Singer Owners Club News, Phillip Avis, editor, NASOC

Professional Car Collector, Louis C. Farah, editor, Professional Cars International

Pur Sang, Tom Clifford, editor, American Bugatti Club

Reo Echo, Stan and Lois Pream and Martin Moody, editors, Reo Club of America

Runabouts to Rockets, Wendy Crosby, editor, National Antique Oldsmobile Club Inc.

The Silver Shell, Jeff Buckley, editor, Moon Car Club

Talegate, Chuck Snyder, editor, The International Station Wagon Club

TC America Incorporated Newsletter, N. Karleen Tarola, president, The National American Motors Drivers & Racers Association

Thunderbird Script, Nicole Colwell, editor, International Thunderbird Club

Thunderbird Scoop, Terri McNeill, editor, Vintage Thunderbird Club International

Tiger News, Ken Smith, editor, The Cruisin’ Tigers GTO Club Inc.

Torque Tube II, Joseph Suarez, editor, 1936-1938 Buick Club

Tough Americans, Jock Jocewicz, editor, The National American Motors Drivers and Racers Association

Tucker Topics, Martin Mieras and Cheryl Tucker, editors, Tucker Automobile Club of America Inc.

Viva Carrera!, Bill Culver, editor, Road Race Lincoln Register, Inc.


Braking News, Jeff Lane, director, Lane Motor Museum

Foundation News, Early Ford V-8 Foundation

Gray Goose News, Terry Ernest, editor/director, The Wills Museum

The Hudson Triangle, Mike Cherry, editor, HET Historical Society

Precious Metal, Jackie L. Frady, editor, National Automobile Museum, The Harrah Collection

Red Cap Review II, Charles E. Wilson, editor, Mullins Owners Club

SAH Journal, Ruben L. Verdes, editor, Society of Automotive Historians

The Time Machine, Mary Ann Porinchak, editor, National Packard Museum


AM Spirit, Steve Johnston, editor, Northern Ramblers Car Club Inc.

The Bird’s Nest, Don Seymour, editor, New England’s Vintage Thunderbirds

The Dashboard, Dave Nevers, editor, The Greater Illinois Region — CCCA

Driven, Tom Dankel, editor, Shelby American Automobile Club of Northern California

Fiero Focus, Scott Savage and Christopher Sass, editors, Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiast Inc.

Hoosier Horn, Jeffrey Shively, editor, Indiana Region — CCCA

LaCad, Terry and Robyn Griffin, eitors, regions of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club of Australia

The Mudflap, Mark McAlpine, editor, Tidewater Region — AACA

Northern Lights, Bob Porter, editor, Ohio Region — CCCA

Oregon Clipper, David Charvet, editor, Packards of Oregon

Torque, Tom Goad, editor, Michigan Region — CCCA

The Vette Signal, John Davin, editor, Michigan Chapter — NCRS


Arizona Bird Chatter, Barbara Blair, editor, Arizona Classic Thunderbird Club

Badger Bullet-N, Ernie Loga, editor, Badger Wheels — SDC

Bonding Strip, Jamie Fiffles, editor, Southern California Chapter —NCRS

The Brass Lamp, Ron Nelson, editor, Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri

Cadillac & LaSalle Club Northwest Ohio Region News, Elden Smith, editor, Cadillac & LaSalle Club — Northwest Ohio Region

Chrysler Tonic, Carol Morice, editor, WPC Club Northern Illinois Region, Chrysler Product Restorers Club, WPC

Cormorant Flier, Stan Ruesch, editor, Wisconsin Packard Club – PAC

The Falcon Times, Gary Nenninger, editor, Northeast Chapter Falcon Club of America

The Gas Buggy Gazette, John E. Sayler Jr., editor, Gettsburg Region —AACA

Henney Program of Progress, George Hamlin, editor, Henney Chapter — Professional Car Society

The Hexagon, Dave English, acting editor, Mid-Atlantic Packards — PAC

Hoosier Views, Bruce and Carol Gable, editors, Indiana Regional Group #56 EFVCA

The Hub Cap, Joyce Edfors, editor, Wisconsin Region — CCCA

The Lord Nuffield Crier, Bob and Lynne Mendelsohn, editors, The Ohio Chapter NEMGTR

The Occasional, Steven G. Williams, editor, Model T Ford Club of Greater St. Louis Inc.

On Call, Bee Hamlin, editor, Mid-Atlantic Chapter — PCS

The Overhead Cammer, Jim Black, editor, Overhead Cammers Chapter — POCI

Pelican Papers, David Robinson, editor, North Atlantic Packard — PAC

Planetary News, Mike Zahorik, editor, Model T Ford Club of Greater Milwaukee

The Skyline, Craig Handley, editor, The Metro Region — CCCA

Snic-Braaapp, Bob Streepy, editor, Illinois Sports Owners Association

Wheel Tracks, Gary Fiske, editor, Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts –The Vermont Antique Automobile Society

The Winged Goddess, Jeffrey Shively, 1941 Chapter of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club

WOW – Willys Overland Words, Joy Heidal, editor, Willys Overland Northwest Chapter


Arc and Spark, John McLellan, editor, Kalamazoo Antique Auto Restorers Club

Badger Chatter, Keith Baker, Badger State Chapter — POCI

Bird-News, Classic Thunderbird Club of Chicagoland — CTCI, Bert Eisenhour, editor

Boomtimes, William C. Anderson, editor, Buick Owners of Maryland

Caddy Chatter, Tony Albarella, editor, Cadillac Club of North Jersey

Chrysler Tonic, Carol Morice, editor, WPC Club Northern Illinois Region, Chrysler Product Restorers Club, WPC

Classic Olds Journal, Mary Degler, editor, Olds Club of Florida — Oldsmobile Club of America

Cloisonne Calendar, Bill Heptig, editor, Minnesota Packards

Connector, Chris Gray, editor, Pacific Northwest Region —LCOC

Country Roads, Ron Althoff, editor, Blue Ridge Packards — PAC

Cruisers Monthly Crusin, Paul Saulnier, editor, Mass Cruisers Auto Club

The Dagmar, Wayne Shmitka, editor, Rocky Mountain Region — CLC

The Distributor, Brad Hunsinger, editor, High-Country Regional Group — EFVCA

Dynaflash, Jim Jaeger, editor, Hawkeye Chapter — BCA

The Enlightener, Dan Cress, editor, Badger Region — CLC

FINZ Magazine, Ron Melville, editor, The Cadillac & LaSalle Club of New Zealand

The GMC Times, Paul Bergstrom, editor, GMC Truck Chapter — POCI

Good Olds Days, Robert Bezingue, editor, Illinois Valley Olds Club

The Great Plains Terraplane Hudson Gazette, Ramona Dittrich, editor, Nebraska-Iowa Chapter of the HET Club

Hawkeye Hexagon, Dick Boswell, editor, Iowa Hawkeye Packards — PAC

The Helm, Sarah Ulrich-Meller, editor, Mississippi Valley Packards

The Herald, Tony Karsnia, editor, Northstar Region — CLC

The Hood Scoop, Chris Winslow, editor, Gateway GTO Association

The Hud-Nut News, Polly Mitchell/Jesse Smith, editor & website, Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter — HET Club

The Hudson-Aire, Lynn P. Horn, editor, Chesapeake Bay Chapter — HET Club

The Hudson Mechanic’s Rag, Ed Wright, editor, HET Club

The Hudson Monthly, Lew Bird, editor, North Texas Chapter — HET Club

The Hudson rEflecTor, Southern California Chapter — HET Club

Mid-Atlantic Mayflower, David B. Young, editor, Mid-Atlantic Region — Plymouth Owners Club

Northern Lights, Donna & Bill Dirnberger, editor, Minnesota Region — AACA

Northstar News, David W. Gustafson, editor, Northstar Chapter — LCOC

The Nuts and Bolts, Joe Pinson, editor, Cape Canaveral Region — AACA

Packardgram, Duane Gunn, editor, Arizona Region — Packards International

The Packard Panorama, Jim Yocum, editor, Keystone Packards — PAC

Packard Profiles, Ken Dunning, editor, Peachstate Packards Region — PAC

The Pious Pelican, Bud Juneau, Northern California Packards – PAC

PMD Excitement, Chuck Catalano, editor, South Jersey Pontiac Chapter — POCI

The Pushrod, Pam Scherer, editor, Milwaukee Corvair Club — CORSA

The Redline Times, Reba Whittington, editor, The Carolinas Chapter — NCRS

Road Chatter, Ken and Carolyn Bounds, editors, Northern Illinois Regional Group #8 — EFVCA

The Rocket Review Quarterly, Scott Phillips, editor, Capitol City Rockets — Oldsmobile Club of America

Royal Goat Tales, Tom Somerville, editor, The Royal GTO

St. Louis Gateway Chapter Newsletter, Thomas Gipe, editor, Avanti Owners Association International

Saxon Times, Walter H. Prichard, editor, Saxon Automobile Owners

The Steering Column, Betty Fisher, editor, The Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club

The Superior Times, Brad A. Ross, editor, Michigan Chapter — PCS

Thunderbird Flyer, Tom Przedwojewski, editor, Northwest Vintage Thunderbird Club

Tiger News!, Ken Smith, editor, The Cruisin’ Tigers GTO Club

The Triumph Standard, Scott McKee, editor, Southern California Triumph Owners Association

Tomatalk, Paul Bergstom, editor, Minnesota Tomahawk Chapter — POCI

Trail Bird News, Betty Tulowitzky, Secretary, Trail Birds of Southwest Florida

Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Times, Judy Aunet, editor, Twin Ports Mustang & Ford Club

Up To Speed, Maureen Blevins, editor, Greater Illinois Region — CCCA

The Voice, Dave Bajumpaa, editor, Connecticut Council of Car Clubs


Club publications in this category do not receive a Golden Quill Award certificate but receive the honor of being mentioned as a serious competitor.

1915-1918 Buick & McLaughlin-Buick Owners Newsletter Group, Dean G. Tryon, editor

The Ah-OOO-Gah Bulletin, Peter Winnewisser, editor, The Mohican Model A Ford Club of CNY

Airhorn, Charley Biddle, editor, Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts

Alabama Packards Newsletter, Dale Baker, editor, Alabama Packards – PAC

The Atlantic Lady, Joanne Goldman, editor, RROC — Atlantic Region

Blue Smoke, Karl Henry, editor, Central Chapter — LZOC

Bow Tie Bulletin, Ron Panicucci, editor, Jersey Lakeland Region — VCCA

Buicks Our Way, Keith Horsfall, info, Buick Modified Division — Buick Club of America

Caddy Corner, Ray Koziol, editor, Raritan River Region — CLC

Cadillac Past, Chris Milici, editor, New England Region — CLC

Carolina Plymouth Power, Dean Yates, editor, Carolina Region — Plymouth Owners Club

Chevy Chatter, Barbara Sparks, editor, Lower Michigan Region — VCCA

Christian Rods & Customs, Buddy Wymore, editor

Clutch Chatter, Larry Huffman, editor, Tri-County AACA

The Criterion, Bill Marcy, editor, Northeast Chapter — PCS

The Data Plate, Jeff Pachl, editor, Mid-America Packards, PAC

The Echo, Chris Collins/Claudia Robinette, editors, Grand Canyon State Chapter — SDC

Exhaust Valve, Jim Jaeger, editor, Fireball Chapter —BCA

Frankfort Car Club Newsletter, Joni Plummer, editor, Frankfort Car Club

From The Corral, Bill Krieger, editor, Northern Mustang Corral

Ford Words, East Tennessee Regional Group — EFVCA

Got Yer Goat, John and Linda Lawrence, editors, Classic GTO Association of Denver

Hoosier Ramblings, John Lucke, editor, Hoosier AMC Club

The Hub & Spoke, Don Jones, editor, Lynchburg, VA Region — AACA

The Hud-Nut News, Polly Mitchell and Jesse Smith, editors, Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter — HET Club

The Hudson Monthly, Lew Bird, editor, North Texas Chapter —HET Club

Hudsonnews, Richard Low, editor, Dixie Chapter — HET Club

Long Life, John Nikodym, editor, Velie Motors Corp.

Metro Lines, John Waluk, editor, Metro-Long Islands Chapter — NCRS

Palmetto Pentastar, Don Turpin, editor, Palmetto Region — Plymouth Owners Club

PCPV News, Paul Bergstrom, editor, Pontiac Commercial & Professional Vehicle Chapter — POCI

Pansiftings, Ray Maier, editor, St Cloud Antique Auto Club Inc.

Peregrine Press, Phil Barber, editor, Mason Dixon Chapter — Falcon Club of America

Phantom News, Will Burleigh, associate editor, Phantoms Motor/Motor Club

Porthole, Marge Dahl, editor, Gopher State Chapter — BCA

Puget Sounds, Scott Jenkins, editor, Puget Sound Regional Group #18 — EFVCA

Rocky Mt. HET News, Bill Lentz, editor, Hudson Motor Car Company of Colorado

Redline Times, Jason Baird, editor, Goat Herd GTO Club of Oregon

Rumblesheet, Bruce Nelson and associates, editor, Twin Cities Regional Group — EFVCA

Silver Dome Gazette, editor open, California Chrysler Products Club

Sallee Speaks, John Byrden, editor, LaSalle Appreciation Society

The Spokesman, Mike Spangler & Cheryl Samuel, editors, Jefferson Collectables

The Standard, Kevin Luedtke, editor, Motor City Region — CLC

Standard Of The World, Bill Levy, editor, North Texas Region — CLC

The Steering Wheel, Ed Meyer, editor, MO/IL Gateway Chapter — SDC

Studebaker Spokesman, Claude Chmielewski, editor, Wisconsin Region — SDC

Three-Pedal Press, Karl Henry, editor, Wisconsin Capital Model T Ford Club — MTFCA

Tiger Times, Dick & Sand Kos, managing editors, Land of Lakes GTOs – GTO Association of America

Tin Lizzie Times, Jerry Campbell, editor, Tacoma Model T Ford Club

Tomahawk, Paul Bergstrom, editor, Minnesota Tomahawk Chapter — POCI

The Tripower Times, Jay Robinson, editor, Northern Colorado GTO Association

Wheels “A” Rolling, Gerald and Barbara Howard, editors, Mid-Atlantic Region – VMCCA

Car Show & Cruise Guide, Dave Bielecki, editor, Mid-Atlantic car collector

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