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Auction offers cars, trucks and possible Capone gun

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North Central Sales Auction will be offering you a glimpse back in time and pieces of famed history on Aug. 16-18 in Rudolph, Wis. Travel with us back to the mid-19th century with the Fisher family. Carl and Beverly married and purchased a beautiful farm on Plum Road from the late Alexander Keyawa. The story goes that Mrs. Keyawa was once visited by one Al Capone, a man on the run, who demanded refuge to shave and eat. They managed to acquire a rifle from the unexpected visitor. It still remains in the Fisher Family today and is shrouded in mystery. Could the rifle really belong to the Al Capone, famed American gangster?

Flora Fisher, known as one of the 3 queen bees of antiquing in Wisconsin in the early 1900s, owned and operated Treasure Attic Antiques in Wisconsin Rapids. Rumor has it nothing would stop her from getting what she wanted, whether at an auction or otherwise. As time passed, Flora's heath declined, and she passed her business to her son and daughter in-law, Carl & Beverly Fisher. They tended to Flora and carried on the passion and intrigue of the family business. The antique business eventually moved to Rudolph, WI where, even though the name changed, it exists yet today. When you visit Beverly at the Fishers Antique Shop, the captivating stories flow freely, and her favorite saying is "well jump on my bonnet". Her knowledge and delightful demeanor are worth the visit every time.

While Beverly went antiquing, Carl, a truck driver for Gross-Common Carriers and an Army veteran, packed away treasures on the family farm, over 50 years’ worth.

Beverly often reflects on the many good times and finds at the farm on Plum Road with their 6 children and relatives. ​After Carl's untimely death, Beverly was overwhelmed with the farm and the lifetimes of treasures it held. She contracted with Duke and Kathy Packard of North Central Sales Auctions to put the items up for bid starting Saturday, August 16th and running through Monday, August 18th.

Auctioneer Kathy Packard proclaims, "We have never seen anything quite like this! It has been a massive undertaking. We have 9 buildings, a barn, the home, 7 semi-trailers, 4 school buses and over 180+ old cars. What did they collect? Everything! All buildings, trailers and buses are packed full to the point of overflow. There are tractors, machinery, tools, farm primitives, antiques, collectibles & so much more. Beverly said the late Carl wouldn't just stop at an auction or garage sale to buy one item, he'd buy it all and even the garage!"

North Central Sales has another 3 weeks of setup before this 3-day auction event occurs. Many trinkets and treasures have yet to be unearthed. This is one for the record in Wisconsin as far as auctions go. Just a sample of some of the items we have found.

The claimed Al Capone’s rifle is on the auction block as is 80 acres of land, a Harrington & Richards Arms Co.'s premier double action Revolver in its original box, a horse carousel with an original brass tag, two early Rockwell-Drivotrainers systems, cast Loon windmill weight, cars and vintage car parts.

180+ Old Cars up for auction include: Cadillac coupe deVille 2DR. HDTP. w/ org. Engine & 1984 sedan deVille, 1966 Chevrolet 2DR. HDTP. w/ front clip & keys, From 1949 to 56 numerous Chevrolet 4DR. & 2 DR. post cars & HDTP., 1965 Chevrolet Belair 4 DR., Corvair’s - 1962 has spider engine, 1953 Ford 4 DR. V8 custom, 1974 Chevelle 2 DR. HDTP, Desoto 4DR. V8, Plymouth 4 DR. post, 1960 Buick LeSabre convertible all chrome w/ org. radioparts, Dodge Dart GT-parts, 1957 Buick Centry 4 DR. w/ chrome, 1973 Buick Riviera 2 DR. HDTP, 1969 Chevrolet 2 DR. HDTP Impala, Chevy Cavalier, 1960 Buick Electra 225 4 DR. HDTP, 1966 Galaxy 500XL auto. w/ buckets & counsel-parts. Pontiac Executive 4 DR. Sedan, 1971 Mercury Monterey 2 DR. HDTP custom, 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 4 DR., Isuzu Pup, 1970 Pontiac Catalina 400 -4 DR. HDTP., 1967 Buick LeSabre 2 DR. HDTP, 1974 Cadillac 4 DR. HDTP w/ keys, 1950s through '70s Numerous Suburbans, Toyota Corolla 4 DR. sedan, 1981 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, 1981 Oldsmobile Royal Brougham 2 DR. w/ motor-AM/FM & Elct. Antenna, Volkswagen, 1958 Rambler country club custom 4 DR. HDTP, 1966 Plymouth wagon w/ 318 motor & top carrier, 1965-66 Ford Country sedan wagon, 1966 Rambler American 4 DR. 660 classic, 1963 Rambler 440 station wagon 6CYL, & other Chevrolet wagons from 1949 to '50s, 1958 IN -100 PU, Chevy’s to include-1 ton early '50s, 1927-1 ton w/ motor, 6100 & 1960s 20 series, 1938 Studebacker 1 ton, 1920s IN truck w/ steel, wood & rubber wheels, Numerous panel & step Vans- Chevy & Ford, Rockwell-Drivotrainers systems, several Dootlebugs, 1936 Chevy Dump Truck & others, Several front clips, Numerous Machinery & Tractors, Antiques & Collectibles.

Auctioneer Duke Packard says, "We will be running two auction rings for two full days with the last day, Monday the 18th, set aside for the majority of the scrap iron buyers. There will be a little bit of everything both days with the collector cars on the auction block on Saturday, Sunday & Monday. This is your opportunity to purchase a part of history. So come Enjoy these fun filled days of auctioneering with North Central Sales Auctions you will definitely have “something to see, something to talk about, something to buy and lots to enjoy!

For more information and details you can visit our website at or call #715-610-7999. #715-610-9535.

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