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Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week to feature esteemed motor enthusiasts

Audrain has an impressive lineup of Motor Week Seminars ranging across all aspects of automotive interest September 30 - October 2.
Donald Osborne chatting with Jay Leno

Donald Osborne chatting with Jay Leno

Newport, Rhode Island, GLOBE NEWSWIRE - Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week is a celebration of automotive excellence and car history. With numerous events paying homage to some of the most world-renowned vehicles and personalities of all time, Newport will be drawing in an extensive and thrilling global presence. Amongst the long weekend of events, Audrain has an impressive lineup of Motor Week Seminars ranging across all aspects of automotive interest. Inside the Casino Theater at the International Tennis Hall of Fame, attending guests will be able to hear from esteemed automotive figures including Jay Leno, Mika Häkkinen, Johnny Rutherford, Wayne Carini, Jay Ward, Zak Brown, Lyn St James, Franz von Holzhausen, Audrain’s own David Donohue and CEO Donald Osborne and more!

Looking into the past, present, and future, and drawing style from all corners of the globe, cars and brands of many demographics will be represented and celebrated by numerous motor experts that share the same fiery passion for the automotive lifestyle. With such variety, there is truly something here for everyone, so it won’t take long to find a seminar that appeals to all the members of the group! For the racecar enthusiasts, the exciting Open Wheel Legends Seminar is an exclusive look into the world of the ultimate in motor racing, with championship driver David Donohue joined by Formula 1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen, Indy 500 winner Johnny Rutherford and McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown. Excited for what the future of cars and driving will look like? Check out Shaping The Future Of Driving, with Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen and Jay Leno, in a conversation about Tesla’s advanced design technology and their coinciding philosophy. Or perhaps you’re the creative of the group, enjoying aesthetics and artistry the most? Try, Classic Car Commercials – Auto Ads that Dazzle , to see the way automobile manufacturers have found success selling a dream through some of the most iconic car commercials from the past 70 years. For those who like a famous name, check out Porsche: People Making the Passion, an inspiring seminar in celebration of the legendary brand’s successes. That is just the tip of the iceberg- there’s so much more in the series.

Audrain Motor Wek

From September 30th to October 2nd, there is a total of 10 exclusive seminars that will be featured during the Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week, taking place at the beautiful Newport International Tennis Hall of Fame. For a deeper look at the rest of the trending topics of discussion, and for tickets, please see

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