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Back to the Bricks promo tour hits heart of Michigan

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The 3rd annual Promotional Tour for Back to the Bricks will take place this year in the Heart of Michigan. The tour will be June 15-22 and conclude with entering into the Sloan Museum Auto Fair on June 23.


The mission of the tour is to bring awareness to other locations about our August Back to the Bricks Cruise Weekend and networking with other car enthusiasts about ag reat hobby. All car enthusiasts are invited to participate in the Annual Promotional Tour.

If you have a classic or collectible vehicle you would like to take for a spin along the tour for a day, three days or be a long hauler and attend all stops, you are welcome. Or, if you just have a regular vehicle and would like to come along, pack your bags, because you are welcome as well.

This year's route will be touring the middle portion of the state with a couple of stops on the edge, so given the name “Heart of Michigan Promotional Tour”.

  • June 15, Friday: Leave Flint, end in Mt. Pleasant
  • June 16, Saturday: Leave Mt. Pleasant, end in Graylig
  • June 17, Sunday: Leave Grayling, end in Traverse City
  • June 18, Monday: Leave Traverse City, end in Cadillac
  • June 19, Tuesday: Leave Cadillace, end in Grand Rapids
  • June 20, Wednesday: Leave Grand Rapids, end in Sturgis
  • June 21, Thursday: Stay in Sturgis, night two
  • June 22, Friday: Leave Sturgis and end in Grand Blanc/Flint

There will be two to three different events to do each day with participation optional. Some things already lined up are a pig roast, downtown car show, visiting a vintage diner, a famous garden, cruising with some Veterans, open houses, tours and open day for discounts at multiple museums.

To participate, fill out an application available at Go the schedule page and click on the tour.

The Back to the Bricks cruise weekend will take place Aug. 14-18.

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