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C5 Corvette "PsyClone" for a good cause

Extensive work has been completed to make the "PsyClone"

Extensive work has been completed to make the C5 Corvette into the one of a kind "PsyClone"

After laboring for nearly two years the "PsyClone" is complete. The project consisted of turning an extremely low milage C5 Corvette into a very roadworthy copy of Harley Earl's dream car swan song - the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone.

The new car has been dubbed "PsyClone." The owner, Charles Keller, wanted it to represent the first version of the Cyclone with the jet aircraft inspired "psychotic" fins. This was Earl's original vision before his successor, Bill Mitchell, cut them back to a more conservative hight which remain on the original car today. The Cyclone is still owned by GM.

It was decided early on to make this a modern drivable car with as much of the Cyclone's mid century, rocket inspired design as possible. 

Charles is the principal of the Colten Cowell Foundation. Their mission is to entertain Kids fighting disabling illnesses and other hardships . 

The PsyClone will be front and center as one of Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne's personal cars. The centerpiece of the foundation is a complete BatCave from the 1960s TV show, which is perennially popular with kids of all ages! 

"The challenge for me was to design and sculpt a new body for the Corvette that captured as much authentic Cyclone styling and proportions as possible without interfering with the Corvette's performance,comfort and safety," stated builder Marty Martino. Even the wheels and tires are the intact C5 Corvette units with "retro" decorating.

Current information on the Colten Cowell foundation can be seen at

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