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Calling all AMC lovers back to where it began

Giant AMC Meet in Wisconsin to take place in Kenosha (hometown of AMC) on July 26-31.

The Kenosha Homecoming Car Show, a signature event in the American Motors hobby, is coming once again to Kenosha, Wisconsin after a too-long absence due to the Covid pandemic. The Kenosha History Center produces the Kenosha Homecoming Car Show, and it’s a much-anticipated meet. Typically, it’s held every three or four years; however, it was cancelled the past two years due to the pandemic. The show will now be held this year- July 26-31, 2022. All early indications point to it boasting an exceptionally large turnout- some estimates are upwards of 1100+ AMC cars will be on display, which would make it the largest AMC turnout in decades. In addition to a wide range of automobiles the show will also feature perhaps best AMC vending ever seen.

In addition, several former AMC designers and stylists will be there to answer questions and sign autographs, while our own columnist Pat Foster will be selling the many books he’s written about AMC and other Orphan cars.

Several off-site events are planned during show week. The big car show/swap meet is on Saturday at the beautiful Kennedy Park on the Lake Michigan shore. To see them all and to register, go to

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