Carlisle Productions' car events to stay in Carlisle

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Carlisle, Pa. ' Despite recent news to the contrary, Carlisle Productions appears to have worked out a solution to remain at its fairgrounds.

"It looks like arrangements are made [and] promises have been made that the shows will stay here," said Mike Blake, Carlisle Events media representative. Blake said the arrangements follow extensive meetings with local, county, and state government officials, as well as military officials.

The news follows recent reports that Carlisle Productions had listed its 82-acre fairgrounds for sale for $3.5 million. The group hosts 10 collector car and motorcycle shows annually, including two major auto swap meets.

Of concern to the Carlisle Events staff was the proposed expansion of the Pennsylvania National Guard facility that adjoins their property, which could have limited parking and access to the company's shows.

Blake said the proposed arrangements should transpire within a 60-day window. In addition to the events staying put, Blake said that Carlisle Productions will gain 16 acres of land that will increase parking and grounds access.

"It was always our goal to stay here and make it work out," Blake said.

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