First Glance: Chevys muscle out competition at GAA sale

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Charles Farley reporting

There were no six-figure sales at the GAA Classic Auto Auction Nov 1-3, but late '60s Camaros and Chevelles were selling like hotcakes.

Z-28 and SS-396 were the badges of vintage muscle cars that drew plenty of spirited bidding and sold on or near the mark. There were so many offered in so many colors, to keep track this reporter had to note mileage and interior colors. Two of the best of the best were a LeMans Blue 1969 SS-396 Chevelle and an Orange 1968 Z-28 Camaro.

Corvettes had their day too, with Sting Rays holding their established values, and years 1980 to 1990 going for bargain prices.

Worthy of note was a 1951 Mercury Custom Car with all the modern bells and whistles and a Chrysler HEMI that was bid up to $200,000 but failed to make the hammer fall!

Of 342 lots, 188 were reportedly declared sold. The most expensive was a 2013 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet at $86,500

GAA Spokesperson Chrissy Conner called it a huge success. "The entire team here at GAA was very happy with the overall results of the sale," she said. "Our buyer and seller base has grown since our first sale in July and we are looking forward to the continued growth and future of GAA Classic Cars. We are very excited for our next sale in March 2013."

With her deal doctor closing so many post auction sales the final results are still pending.

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