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Chip Foose to join in at Iola Car Show’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Chip Foose, absolute titan of the custom auto industry will be at the 2022 Iola Car Show on July 9th.
Chip Foose appearance presented by Iola Car Show sponsor eBay Motors.

Chip Foose appearance presented by Iola Car Show sponsor eBay Motors.

IOLA, Wis. - Spectators at the Iola Car Show have become accustomed to meeting some of their favorite celebrity guests in recent years. Icons from across the industry including TV/Movie actors, racing fame and reality TV have become a regular inclusion at the annual event. Henry Winkler, Barry Williams, Linda Vaughn, and Catherine Bach are just a few of the names who’ve graced the historic grounds of Iola over the last few years. With 2022 marking the event’s 50th anniversary, it’s no time to pump the brakes.

Chip Foose is an absolute titan of the custom auto industry. Chip became a household name with the debut of Overhaulin’ on TLC in 2004. Chip’s talents were on full display, along with a great supporting cast, as the show has aired 10 seasons between TLC, Velocity, Discovery, and Motor Trend. On Overhaulin’, Chip and the team would coordinate with an inside person to effectively “steal” a classic car and transform it into a high-end custom piece of art in just a matter of days. Each episode would end with an emotional reveal of the car when the owner is surprised by the new creation.

As a car builder and designer, Chip is recognized as among the absolute best in the World. Chip has won countless awards for his work, including the Ridler Award and America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.

Chip will be a headlining special guest at Iola, where he will be available for photos and autographs at no extra charge. You’ll find him in the Greg’s Speed Shop booth, on the Iola Car Show Grounds, on Saturday, July 9th, from 10am-4pm.

Iola Car SHow 50 Years

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