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Chrysler Town and Country registry dissolves

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Just like the traditional form of the Chrysler nameplate it tracked, the Town and Country Owner's Registry will be dissolved by its founders after 33 years. But club organizers John Slusar and Bob Porter have made arrangements for registry members to carry the torch for enthusiasts of the wood-bodied and paneled Mopars.

"Bob Porter will run regular columns in the National Woodie Club [publication] Woodie Times and the Walter P. Chrysler Club [publication] WPC News," said Slusar. "We will serve as advisers to both of those clubs. T&C owners wishing to organize T&C events may do so, and can count on Bob to publicize their efforts in his columns."

Slusar will also maintain the Town and Country registry in an electronic format, but car owners will be required to send Slusar updated information to add discovered cars and cars that change owners.

To facilitate the termination of the club, particularly its print publications, Timber Tales and annual printed registry of cars, membership renewal was not sought in 2007. However, 2006 members will receive two final issues of Timber Tales in 2007 to deplete the club's coffers.

When explaining the dissolution of the club, Slusar said, "Bob Porter and I have spent many years devoting most of our time to this club, and we are literally burned out. Unfortunately, the administration of our club requires a person who is fluent in an obsolete database and in desktop publishing. With no budget for the purpose, our system evolved to be one that is extremely complex. We have not been able to find a person from our ranks who has the qualifications, time and will to do this work, and we are not willing to spend additional years in an uncertain search.

"We are not happy to be the people responsible for the demise of the club after over 33 years of existence, but we are very tired and need to back away. We have done our best to try to create a plan that can at least offer our membership an alternative to what would otherwise be a vacuum."

Some members have offered to take over registry duties, but Slusar said they did not possess all of the necessary requirements to undertake the large responsibility.

"While there are no plans for future reorganization, we feel that maintaining the database and files will at least afford an opportunity for a future," Slusar said.

The Town and Country Owners Registry recognized all wood-bodied 1941-'50 Chrysler models and 1983-'86 Town and Country convertibles. Contact the WPC at P.O. Box 3504, Kalamazoo, MI 49003. The National Woodie Club can be reached at P.O. Box 6134 OC, Lincoln, NE 68506.

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