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Classic Car Club of America elects new president

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CHICAGO - On April 12, at the 65th Annual Meeting of The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) held this year in Branson, Missouri, Carrol Jensen was elected as the next president to lead the CCCA. The organization is represented by 29 regions across the United States and 20 countries. The Club seeks to further the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of distinctive motorcars produced in the period from 1915 to 1948. The executive offices are located in the Chicago suburb of Schiller Park.

Jensen, a retired vice-president from a major health insurance company, has spent seven years on the CCCA National Board of Directors. At 52, Jensen represents the growing younger demographic in the organization. The fact that she is only the third female President of the Club is not lost on Jensen, but she says, "While I'm proud to represent the significant number of female CCCA members and car collectors, it's more relative that I'm among the large portion of active members in the younger demographic becoming more engaged in ownership of these fabulous cars."

"Carrol brings to the CCCA a youthful and forward-thinking perspective that is spot on our needs as we grow and prepare this Club for future generations to adopt," says Jay Quail, Executive Director of the CCCA.

When asked about the future of the hobby Jensen replied: "We are engaging enthusiasts and introducing younger generations to the Full Classics through hands on education that will in turn cultivate the interest and excitement on an ongoing basis. I believe we have a responsibility to these pieces of history, as we are only the caretakers for the next generation."

About the Classic Car Club of America

The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) was founded in 1952. It set out to develop publications that would exchange a range of technical, historical and other related information for members and individuals who own or are interested in fine domestic or foreign motorcars built between and including the years 1915 and 1948. The Club members' cars are distinguished for their representative fine design, high engineering standards and superior workmanship. The CCCA promotes social exchange and fellowship among its members as well encourage the maintenance, restoration, and preservation of all approved Full Classic cars.

The Club is focused on vintage automobiles and the pleasure of the sport. Since its beginning in 1952, the members of the CCCA have been dedicated to the collection, preservation and enjoyment of the world's finest cars. Automobiles manufactured from 1915 to 1948 that remain the primary focus of the Club today. The CCCA is honored to have held Grand Classic car shows, CARavan driving tours and published The Classic Car magazine as well as supplying other resources for its members every year since the Club's founding in 1952.

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