Club Clips: August 22, 2019 Edition

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Retractable Club gets high marks for tech advice stories

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The Skyliner publication from the International Retractable Club puts zing in each monthly issue, and the June 2019 issue is a great example. Kudos to editor Judi Terrell for continuing the tradition.

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Part one came when the lead article gobbled up the front cover with its teaser, so it was natural for readers to jump to page 8 where the story by Cheryl Horne and Carol Bray unfolded. Titled “Perseverance Pays Off,” the story centered on club member Bruce Horne. Shifting toward a photo feature with 15 more images, the shots showed far beyond words that Horne tackled his restoration challenge without being overwhelmed. He was no novice “when it came to working on things that moved.” Then came the reasons. He restored five Ford Jubilee tractors and knew how to center his attention on restoration problems, no – make that CHALLENGES — with no fear. He also had tackled a 1957 Oldsmobile, so when he tore into the 1959 Ford retractable, he was fearless and dauntless. It eventually became his biggest challenge.

Horne won. When he completed the project in the summer of 2017, he radiated pride, which often is the case when a person gives it their all to do a job properly. Little improvements quickly followed and, happily, Horne was able to enjoy the pleasantries of his accomplishment right up to his passing in October 2018. The article, masterfully displayed with vim and in full color, proves that the results of a restorer’s labor can be held as a reminder of the person behind it.

More “zing” came in the next pages of the issue. The Tech Advice feature by Mike Mathes dealt with “Spare Tire Assembly,” which is a tricky detail when it comes to retractables. “The spare tire assembly … is designed to be operated from outside of the vehicle, even though the decklid is hinged at the rear.” The task involves several key steps in preservation and/or restoration from the use of gray paint, a glued trunk mat, the use of plywood, tee nuts, wheel mounting plate, hinge and tire rest brackets, hold-down cup and trunk mat, plus wheel mounting bolt and plate assembly. A fast read proves that one does not need to be the owner of a retractable to gain insight into the fundamentals of the model’s fine points and curiosities.

Club editors of all types are wise to consider a technical article, large or small, in each issue of their publications as a service to all.

International Retractable Club
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Cicero, NY 13039-9050

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