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Club Clips: December 5, 2019 Edition

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Olds club magazine gets taste of auction life

“I recently was encouraged to submit our chapter newsletter, The Blue Gray Rocket Report, to the Golden Quill Awards,” wrote Darlene Myers, editor of the publication. Accompanying her letter were several recent samples of the publication. Her club is the Blue Gray Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America, serving Pennsylvania and Maryland enthusiasts.

The club’s submissions were in the offing for award consideration while future issues for submission will be pending.

Has your club entered? There is still time for 2019 consideration. (Send your entries to Old Cars and Gerald Perschbacher, Chief Judge, at 8868 Rock Forest Dr., St. Louis, MO 63123-1116)

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This club sends issues to its members via email to save costs and speed delivery. Yet, to enter the Golden Quill competition, printed copies are required to even the playing field for all entries since most are sent to club members only in paper form.

Myers’ September edition is an enticement for readers to enjoy. Of special note was the behind-the-scenes Mecum Auction experience covered by Rich Saullo and Ed Grebeck plus Ron and Jim Mummert, photographers. David Morton of Mecum Auto Auctions offered regional car clubs the chance to attend an event showing the ins and outs of an auction from the Mecum perspective, focusing on Harrisburg, Pa., as the site.

Mecum’s three-day auctions take extra effort seldom seen or appreciated by the public. The article noted that there were “at least 100 (electronic) monitors showing every possible angle of the entire complex including the seven other buildings that housed the memorabilia sale and the cars waiting to come the block.”

Rich Saullo, club president, was introduced to the video audience to hammer down the sale of a 1968 Ford Bronco pickup at $28,000. “It was a huge adrenaline shot and a once in a lifetime chance to do this,” he noted. More than 15 color pictures of the event made readers feel as though they were there.

All this reminds us that car clubs can interface with the public far beyond club activities. As clubs put their best image forward at car shows, large or small events, special displays, auctions and a plethora of other interfaces, the general public notices the results. If cordiality, warmth, excitement and good cars are evident, it is a reflection of a car club and every member in it. Hence, being in a car club makes each member an ambassador for the hobby.

In this case, Mecum helped to make that happen.

Blue Gray Chapter/Oldsmobile Club of America
147 S Grantham Rd.
Dillsburg, PA 17019-9565

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