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Club Clips February 7, 2019 Issue Edition

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Amphicar club makes big splash

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Among 50th anniversary events by the International Amphicar Owners Club was a front-page feature article in a recent edition of that club’s Wheels & Waves, edited by Larry DePasqaule (9938 Forest St., Lakeview, Ohio43331-9436).Among significant old car events by the club, this one stands out as very special.

So did the cars. Imagine these land-and-water vehicles coming together at the Celina Lake Festivaland having a truly special salute by the city, “rolling out the red carpet to all the Amphicars,” said the report. This reporter can vouch for the unique characteristics of the Amphicar.

Mayor Jeffrey Hazel “honored each Amphicar with a key to the city,” then a dinner was held. But the gist of the event was the potentially record-setting gathering of 72 Amphicars. Atop all that, car owners offered — “close to 1,000 ‘rides for charity’ with a donation of $5,000 to the local C.A.L.L. Ministries Food Pantry.” The club “continued rides at the nursing home and enjoyed a nice lunch after giving rides to the residents and families.” Leading the whole shebang were club president Jim Golomb and his wife Barb. Their “energetic leadership” made the 50th “one of the biggest and most successful. Amphicar events in history!”

The 72 cars were aligned for a massive photo to commemorate the gathering and let fans cheer on car owners. More than that, there were dozens of other photos in the publication depicting club members having a grand time at the affair.

Thumbs up for a purposeful meet!

The idea may spring to life in other clubs. Old car groups are holding various charity-driven events to raise funds in their communities. And, why not! Getting a collector car at a public event is notable on its own, but when coupled with an underlying charitable reason, it makes the whole event doubly fulfilling.

A second thumbs up to the club for the willingness to provide rides to others. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, even moreso when nursing home folks and their loved ones are among riders. Ultimately, the car club showed its spunk to do it and to exhibit its human sensitivities as it happened.

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