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Club Clips: March 7, 2019 Edition

AACA outlines potential of future expansion plans

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The September-October 2018 edition of Antique Automobile magazine offers two pages of insights into the expansion of the headquarters and library of the Antique Automobile Club of America.West Peterson edits the publication (send correspondence to AACA Letters, 186 Manor Lane, Dayton, Ohio 45429).

Steve Moskowitz, the AACA’s executive director, tells the story.The new 6.5-acre site is close to the famous Hershey swap-and-show location in Pennsylvania. In fact, it’s about as close as close can be, “its backyard being the site of the annual Eastern Fall National in Hershey — a more perfect location couldn’t have been imagined,” Moskowitz said.Atop all that, the location already has a fine building “designed in the early 1980s for the Pennsylvania American Water Company,” he added.

A total of 120 days of due diligence were expended to finalize the commitment to the new location. However, the idea continues. “There are opportunities to contribute either directly through your membership renewal or through our structured capital campaign,” Moskowitz explained.

He made it clear that this is a club commitment, which opens the project to the entire AACA membership to claim as their legacy. “If every household commits at least $100 toward the future of our club, and toward the hobby we all enjoy so much, we will be in great shape,” he said. That amount comes to less than 30 cents a day for one year. The club is efficient in its operations and purchasing.“AACA needs you now more than ever… by being a part of this grand and essential venture.

“During its 83-year tenure, AACA has continuously evolved to serve the needs of its members, enabling it to thrive as an essential, irreplaceable part of the hobby so greatly enjoyed by all of us,” Moskowitz concluded.

Few clubs take on such an energetic project. But this one carries a special incentive. With the largest annual swap meet and car show in the world right at the backyard of the future location, the office and library will become more of an active hub for the entire old car hobby – and an incentive for collectors and the curious to visit, appreciate, learn and grow.

Antique Automobile Club of America

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