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Club Clips: May 2, 2019 Edition

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McCollough shines as head of national Nomad club 

Greg McCollough, current president of the Chevrolet Nomad Association, had no dream of being the head of his organization, but he is taking to the job with vigor. He’s a resident of Kearney, Neb., and a good man for the presidential job, it seems, with experience as director of the Classic Car Collection Museum. He likes to boast of the 209 cars in that collection. But McCollough has a favorite, as many people do.

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“In early 1977 I bought my childhood dream car, a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad,” he recounted in a late 2018 edition of The Nomad Post, the club publication produced under the editorship of John Lee. McCollough was at the wheel of his classy Nomad station wagon when he spied another from the past. When he paused to look, “a large group of individuals all dressed in red shirts approached me, and I learned that the Midland Nomad Club was having a meeting there.” It wasn’t long before McCollough headed to the National Nomad Club convention in Indiana, which hooked him firmly as he attended over the following 10 years. “You combine my favorite car with the best friends a person could ask for, and it’s like a big family reunion every year!”

His assessment matches that of countless other car collectors who enjoy their favorite choice of clubs and relish the experience, year after year. Being in the hobby opens the opportunity to expand our circle of friends, as McCollough found, and deepen our appreciate of the hobby. It’s also a safe way to enjoy motoring in a collector car, since clubs provide ready-made support systems with a field of experts and willing souls who enjoy keeping their cars of choice running at tip-top level and are happy to help fellow members do it, too.

The Chevrolet Nomad Association is far from being the eldest among car clubs; it was formed in 1988. That does not detract from the depth of interest by members and the certainty of expertise they share. McCollough’s a good example of that premise, since he served on the club’s board from 1988 through 2004, fostering growth and fun as did the rest of the club leadership. Typical of all that was the registration at last year’s meet, at which the number of participating mid-1950s Nomads nearly broke 100.

Chevrolet Nomad Association
1720 Laurie Dr.
Haw River, NC 27258

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